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A Business Leader’s Guide to Privacy and Security

A series on privacy, security and resilience in the face of crisis. 

Your company’s privacy, security, and resilience is business critical in the face of crisis.

With an increased focus on security, business continuity, zero trust, and data sovereignty are more relevant than ever. This series of articles is designed to help leaders move from a defensive position to an offensive one when it comes to the privacy and security of your people and information.

Join us as we dive into some of the key challenges hitting companies and their leaders today.

Enable business continuity

One of the keys to business continuity during and after a crisis is to ensure that you can continue to communicate with your people and customers.

How will your organization continue to communicate if you’ve had a massive systems failure? It’s important to have a back-up solution ready, one that employees are aware of and familiar so there’s no loss of momentum.


Read more about how to secure communications in times of crisis here.

Business continuity

Take back control of your data

Research shows that business leaders are maturing in how they view cybersecurity risks. The best-prepared companies take privacy and security seriously at all levels of the organization. 


Do you know where in the world your sensitive or confidential data travels to? More and more companies are moving to data storage on-premises or in private clouds to help them establish data sovereignty. 


Read more about how to restrict your data from traveling across borders.

What do your call detail records reveal about your organization_ - blog

What do your Call Detail Records (CDR) say about your company? 

Every meeting and video call your company has leaves behind a call detail record that shows who made the call, who was called, when the call took place, the title of your meeting, and sometimes even where the call was made from.


This information can be invaluable to a third party or cyber attacker. 


Learn more about protecting the data surrounding your meetings here.

Where in the world is your data - blog-1

Why your biggest security risk may be inside your own company

In a world where trust is everything, it’s counterintuitive to think of ‘zero trust’ as a good thing – especially when it comes to your employees and long-time vendors.


But all it takes is one person. And more often than not, executives are the primary target.


A zero-trust security architecture, which makes the assumption that every user is hostile, is a move to minimize a potential attacker’s playing field.


Learn more about how zero trust can help to control security risks.

Zero trust security

How to prevent major productivity losses when your IT systems go down

According to research from Aberdeen Group, IT downtime costs companies around $1.55 million annually. It's a situation that often cripples employees’ ability to digitally communicate and collaborate with each other, their customers and their partners – potentially making the losses not only financial but also reputational. 


Learn more about how to prevent major productivity losses when your IT systems go down.

man wearing headset on video call

How to secure confidential conversations

When it comes to your confidential video meetings, it’s important to evaluate where your meeting data is stored and what your meeting platform does to reduce the risk of uninvited guests.  


Learn more about how to secure  your video platform for your most confidential conversations.

Serious woman on video call wearing headphones

Privacy and security questions you should be asking in your company

The privacy and cyber security challenges are not slowing down. The new state of being requires resilience and preparedness. 


Learn which privacy and security questions you should be asking in your company.

Are you asking the right privacy and security questions in your company

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  • Control over call detail records
  • Compliance with emerging government regulation and legislation
  • Implementation of a zero trust architecture 
  • Business continuity in the face of a crisis 
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