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Songwon Industrial Group

Case Study

Industry: Manufacturing
Company size: 1000+ employees

Pexip helped Songwon Industrial Group make video conferencing part of day-to-day work life 




About Songwon Industrial Group

Founded in South Korea in 1965, Songwon Industrial Group has grown to become the second-largest producer of polymer stabilizers worldwide and a key player in the specialty chemicals sector. The company offers services across the whole supply chain, from manufacturing and supply to technical and regulatory consulting services. Alongside many manufacturing operations, they have management and administration offices around the world.

Pexip services in use

In Summary



  • The need for a user-friendly and reliable video conferencing platform
  • The need for global deployment and localized support

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Pexip Solutions

  • The Pexip Service, a cloud-based offering which provides a flexible, secure, and reliable solution for integrated video conferencing
  • Interoperability with various video conferencing technologies




  • Quick deployment and great user adoption
  • Increased collaboration with internal and external stakeholders across borders
  • Reliable connection has made video conferencing a part of Songwon’s day-to-day work life


As a large international company with locations around the world, Songwon Industrial Group was already familiar with videoconferencing for efficient communication and knowledge transfer across the organization.

But as the demand for video use increased, the IT team also understood the need for a more flexible tool that could be used more effectively on a larger scale day-to-day. The team knew that if they could implement a user-friendly, reliable platform and persuade the first few users inside the company to adopt it, this could champion widespread adoption.

Since video would be used to connect people internally throughout the company’s global operations, as well as to a large range of external stakeholders they would need a platform that could work with a wide range of user scenarios, technologies, and devices.

"People could see colleagues and other team benefiting from effective video meetings. They would tell each other how easy it was to use, and so we could see the number of requests for video just grow and grow."
James Lee Wong, Global IT Manager

Why Pexip?

The Songwon IT team was looking for a service where users could manage video meetings for themselves. They also wanted to find a managed service: with some of the global IT team based in Frauenfeld (Switzerland), they were looking for something that could be deployed globally, but with support and implementation based on the trust and strength of local relationships.

When a trusted local vendor recommended that they try out Pexip, Songwon did so — and were impressed. After a short trial, the Pexip Service not only ticked the boxes for functionality and user experience but reliability and video quality as well.

The biggest factor in the continued growth and usage of Pexip has been word of mouth. Today, video is used every day by people looking to collaborate with both other areas of the business, as well external third parties.

“To have a video service that is so easy to use, with a very low barrier to participating in high-quality live video, gives us great confidence.”
James Lee Wong, Global IT Manager


With Pexip, Songwon Industrial Group has been able to make large-scale video collaboration a day-to-day reality for their employees, with video meetings for up to 50 people being a standard occurrence. But as James Lee Wong, Global IT Manager at Songwon, explains, the true measurement of the value isn’t how much money the company saves on travel: it’s having a video service with consistent and reliable quality:

“We can trust our employees have a great user experience without being bogged down by technical issues or other elements of the user experience we’ve seen negatively impact on meetings in the past,” says James.

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