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Powering enterprise communications with flexible video solutions

Scalable business communication solutions to connect your colleagues, clients, candidates, and customers.


Choose a business communication solution tailored to your organization's video collaboration needs.

Video solutions transforming collaboration across global industries, including:

Reduce business travel and secure critical communications for a geographically distributed workforce in need of a reliable, easy-to-join video meeting solution.
Energy & Utilities
Maintain the highest standards of privacy with a secure, interoperable video solution connecting remote production teams, from anywhere to anywhere.
Professional Services
Bridge different video systems, prevent tech hardware waste, save money, and scale thanks to a seamless video meeting solution.
Empower your teams to accelerate innovation and collaborate from anywhere with a high-performance video solution.
HR & Recruitment
Make more candidate placements and boost HR productivity with a streamlined video platform supporting interview scheduling, customizable call screens, and more.
Strengthen client relationships on a video platform that prioritizes secure client interactions, from anywhere.

Connected Spaces | Connect existing video infrastructure, save money, & scale collaboration

How can enterprise organizations securely connect a disparate workforce as well as multiple video systems? A truly interoperable solution.
Discover our Pexip for Connected Spaces solution, the Enterprise Room Connector (ERC), to help you modernize your existing technology and simplify your colleagues' video meeting experiences.
What are the benefits?

  • Prevent e-waste and take advantage of integrations which enable you to connect to the systems, tools, and programs you use already
  • Simplify video meeting room join experiences
  • Reduce business travel, boost productivity, and minimize time mismanagement
  • Enjoy AI-driven technology with full-HD video and high-resolution audio

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“It was important for us to have the capabilities to enable our people to communicate with our clients effectively.

Given the large scale - 400,000 people - and over 4,000 video conferencing calls a month, being able to bring those together is really important to us.”


David Petricca, Global Video & Collaboration Architecture Sr. Manager - Accenture


Secure Spaces | Protect your confidential meeting data & ensure business continuity with 100% uptime reliability


If your organization handles confidential or sensitive information, provides a critical service, or the need for prompt upscaling of capacity, here's why our Pexip for Secure Spaces video solution is chosen by enterprises worldwide:
  • Manufacturing firms in need of global deployment and localized support with an ability to scale capacity
  • Energy and technology companies in need of a software model hosted on-premises to ensure business continuity should network outages, digital attacks or natural disasters occurs
  • Legal firms which handle sensitive client information and require full control of meeting data

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What do business leaders say about video adoption, customer engagement, and hybrid meetings?

We asked:
  • 246 C-level executives and team leaders
  • Companies ranging from $10m to $1 bn in revenue
  • Organizations across multiple industries, including professional services and legal services
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Pexip Engage | Streamline & enhance client & candidate experiences with the industry-leading video engagement solution

How do HR and recruitment departments benefit from industry-leading video solutions?
  • Map product and recruitment experts to specific candidates and clients in scheduling flows
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Easy-to-join video appointments thanks to device set-up assistance and a personalized test link to help get guests ready for the call
  • A fully-branded video meeting experience, from the waiting room to the post-conversation follow-up
  • Offer integrated enterprise functionalities and vacancy-specific customer journeys: Some vacancies are tied to specific offices, specific agents or specific meeting types (channels). With Listings we can fully support these different customer journey needs
  • Discover effective Lead Segmentation; for example, classify ideal vs. acceptable candidates
  • Dashboarding: insights into the performance of your network


Streamline and enhance client, colleague, and candidate connections. Where global strategy meets local implementation.
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Customer voices: How do global enterprises use our video platform?


How does ARRI, a media services provider, bridge distances in the film industry?

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The Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine have made remote video communications more secure.

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C2IT transitioned from Skype for Business to Teams, and retained their legacy hardware.

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Songwon Industrial Group

South Korean chemicals organization, Songwon, benefit from the global reach of video.

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Company Webcast

Company Webcast use scalable video conferencing to enable global virtual events and webcasts.

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EGGS Design

Read how EGGS Design adapted to a hybrid workforce using Pexip for Microsoft Teams.

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Ronan Daly Jermyn

Irish law firm Ronan Daly Jermyn can now connect offices, and lawyers with clients.

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How does Arup seamlessly connect 400 video conferencing rooms with Microsoft Teams?

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Experience enterprise-grade video and audio with Pexip's business communications solution

Find out why organizations worldwide choose Pexip to secure, scale, and transform their business communications.


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