Schrems II: What’s Next For Your Personal Data & Digital Privacy?

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We are soon heading back to the office, but it will hardly be a return to normal and it's time to prepare for what's next. Join this panel discussion to get the latest update on the Schrems-II ruling, how it may impact your company, and learn about key considerations and best practices for security and privacy in the new hybrid working model.


Meet the Speakers

Scott Allendevaux

Senior Partner
Allendevaux & Company

Arne Byberg

Haavind Law Firm

Geir Aasen

Director Business Operations

Thomas Edberg

Senior Director Business Mgmt, Pexip


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  • Schrems-II: In 2020, the European Union's Court of Justice struck down a critical data-sharing agreement that allowed personal data to be lawfully transferred from the EU/EEA to the United States for storage and processing. Learn about the latest developments and get advice on how to comply with the guidance provided by governmental agencies to ensure lawful cross-border data flows.
  • Security: Multifactor authentication, Schrems-II, GDPR, shadow IT; the security and privacy considerations are many when managing a dispersed workforce. Threats are all around and it can be difficult to know how to secure employees, company data, devices. Join to hear real-life stories from how large corporations and small companies are responding to these new challenges.
  • Privacy: Despite the damage wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic it was also a catalyst for change. Many discovered a path to business growth amidst the global pandemic. What were the success factors and how did companies manage to keep workers motivated and working towards the same goals; while choosing trusted technology to keep employees and company intellectual property private and secure? Register to learn more!

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