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About Mammoet

Mammoet specializes in complex logistics services for large-scale manufacturing industries. Effective collaboration and strong technical infrastructure are critical to their success across the globe when delivering on the biggest, most challenging projects. With distributed teams and dedicated video conferencing rooms, the use of video collaboration is growing every day.


 Services Used

  • Video meetings & calling  - user licenses for virtual meeting rooms, enabling video conferencing for 50 video users per room 
  • Device licenses for purpose built video conferencing units (SIP/H.323 devices) 

Building a new solution for modern video collaboration.

As a global market leader in engineered heavy lifting and transport, Mammoet’s customers rely on them to help improve efficiency and optimize their value chain for some of the biggest construction projects and manufacturing operations on the planet. 

So to deliver successfully, efficiency and great communication are paramount to Mammoet’s internal processes. As an organization, Mammoet had a strong history of utilizing large-scale technical deployments to support global communications. 

They already had existing Cisco Telepresence meeting room solutions supported by DSL lines. Whilst the current setup had been implemented across the company, the IT Team found that it required large amounts of resources to maintain, including costly annual service contracts to maintain the hardware and software. Additionally, they found that the end-user adoption for video conferencing was not particularly high.  

As a result, around three years ago, the decision was taken to review and redesign how the company’s entire technical infrastructure was being deployed, including their delivery of video conferencing services. The aim was to simplify collaboration workflows for their teams, whilst ensuring the company improved ROI from their tools and company setup.

“We have seen a dramatic increase in everyday video conferencing usage “
Marvin Wigmore, Manager of Operations

Why Pexip as-a-service for video conferencing?

Even though Mammoet had pretty large and complex IT infrastructure requirements, deciding how to proceed with their video conferencing solution was actually quite simple. Mammoet is the daughter company of a larger umbrella organization, the SHV Group. Several of Mammoet’s sister companies had already implemented Pexip’s managed cloud video conferencing service solutions. 

Specifically, as a managed service, Pexip’s solutions could help Mammoet to reach several objectives as part of the redesign brief for the company’s technical infrastructure:

  • Cost & reporting: improve direct ROI by replacing the costly annual Telepresence contracts currently delivering their video conferencing 
  • Quality: Pexip’s dedicated cloud videoconferencing network would help deliver enhanced end-user collaboration, along with improved high-quality video performance for group video meetings and participants 
  • Increased usage and adoption: a simplified and reliable meeting solution that would let users easily manage and participate in video meetings, user experiences and drive user adoption with consistent 
“We had a lot of discussions around other solutions and whether to evaluate them more closely. But ultimately, Pexip was a quick win for us. Colleagues at some of our sister organizations had already successfully deployed Pexip’s solutions and were able to share their positive experiences with us.“
Marvin Wigmore, Manager of Operations

Smooth, simple migration.

Once the decision was made to deploy Pexip, the process to move over to the new solution was very simple. Mammoet had an existing relationship with Duppal, an authorized Pexip partner in the Netherlands, and they were able to assist with the project. The actual switchover was easy to manage: “we were able to get the whole migration for the company done within a day ” says Wigmore, with Duppal providing consulting on-site on the day. 

Once the migration was completed, the focus was on supporting wide-spread adoption and usage across the company. The IT team started with creating very simple documentation for end users and published on the company’s internal resource pages. The content covered basic joining instructions for video meetings, as well as how to use the phonebooks for the video systems now registered to the Pexip service.

Leading the way through technology

Additionally, usage statistics and reporting for video conferencing utilization (pulled from the company admin tool inside the Pexip web app) were introduced as part of Mammoet’s wider monthly operations reporting to management. This has been hugely beneficial in helping the IT team successfully track and demonstrate the ROI of their investment. But it also helps them with resource planning and understanding when extra conference room capacity is required to keep up with increasing demand for video collaboration.

Another factor in helping to drive increased adoption was the ability for users to schedule video meetings via the company’s Outlook calendar booking system. “We set up ‘fixed rooms’ in our company calendar for each of our video systems. Anyone in the company can book a meeting and take advantage of our dedicated video systems” explains Wigmore.

And the impact has been very positive, in and out of the conference room. With the implementation of the Pexip solutions, there has been what Wigmore calls “a dramatic jump in “everyday” video conferencing usage.” Pexip’s virtual meeting rooms have made video collaboration accessible beyond dedicated conference rooms, with people able to participate in group video meetings easily from their PC or mobile devices alongside professional video conferencing systems.

To deliver on some literally huge projects, Mammoet has been able to build a scalable, enterprise-ready cloud video conferencing infrastructure, that only helps their teams collaborate more effectively, but can grow with the company.

Pexip simplifies communication across borders, businesses and platforms.

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