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Jumbo Maritime

Case Study

Industry: Transportation & Logistics
Company size: 200-500 employees

Video solutions from Pexip helped Jumbo Maritime save on travel expenses and create better collaboration for their global organization


About Jumbo Maritime

Based in the Netherlands, Jumbo Maritime have been developing pioneering solutions for ocean transportation since 1969. Jumbo Maritime is a heavy lift shipping and offshore transport & installation contractor. Building on this heavy lift capability, they have established a great track record in the offshore and subsea installation market.

Pexip services in use

In Summary


  • Need for a truly global video conferencing solution
  • Need for a system that could be switched on or off as needed

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Pexip Solutions

  • Adoption of Pexip services including Enterprise Room Connector, Microsoft Teams CVI, and dedicated Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMR), to make video meetings more accessible regardless of device of location

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  • Truly global meeting solutions for a widely dispersed workforce
  • Cost and time savings, thanks to a reduction in business travel for meetings
  • Better communication and collaboration across the company


Jumbo Maritime produces solutions for offshore and subsea transportation. With offices in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and South America, the need for reliable communication tools is a top priority. Without a reliable video conferencing tool, many of the company’s most important meetings needed to be held in-person, which required extensive travel (and high travel expenses) for employees. In fact, one team member was making regular international flights for a single two-hour meeting.  


As an offshore transport company, much of Jumbo Maritime’s business activity takes place in open water. This meant that teams active on ships, without access to a data network, could not join regular video meetings. So, they needed a service that would allow all employees, regardless of location, to connect to the rest of the company. They also didn’t want to manage their own data lines, and so were looking for a system that could simply be switched on or off as required.  



Why Pexip?

The primary benefit of Pexip was the truly global network coverage they could provide. While Jumbo Maritime had some experience of fixed video locations, using cloud video conferencing opened new possibilities for their communication strategy. Their global sales teams hold two daily update calls (AM & PM) due to time zone differences. While previously audio-only, these meetings are now done via Pexip, which saves money and improves collaboration.  

 Another benefit of Pexip was the ability to create dedicated Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) for long-term projects and adding external stakeholders with various video capabilities. As many projects require long-term collaboration with external stakeholders, working groups can be assigned a VMR domain for the duration, making it easy for people with various video systems to join projects with simple routine. 

 Perhaps best of all, with Pexip, teams active on ships in open water — without access to a data network — can join meetings via audio dial-in, meaning they can stay in the loop no matter where they are.  



With Pexip, Jumbo Maritime has been able to significantly improve communication and collaboration while also saving money on travel expenses. Various meetings, from sales meetings to board meetings, can be conducted from different locations in the world without the need for international travel. The Pexip system scales and adapts with the needs of the company, whether it’s needed for communication in the board room or in open water.    

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