Thank you for an exciting 2017!

As 2017 comes to an end, it is time for reflection as we approach the holiday season. What a year it has been. 2017 has undoubtedly been one of the most exciting years in Pexip's history. In my mind, it compares only to 2013 when the company made its first appearance at InfoComm and released Pexip Infinity in September that same year.

2017 was a momentous year for Pexip. It is easy to look back at the year and marvel at all the things that have happened.

Pexip Edge nodes come to play in Infinity 15

IT administrators familiar with Pexip Infinity are well acquainted with the two types of Pexip Nodes - the Management Node and Conferencing Nodes.

An Edge Node sits .. at the edge of your network, and forwards traffic to privately-addressed Conferencing Nodes.

Your hardware MCU is dead. Long live the MCU!

When Pexip Infinity was launched the summer of 2013, many did not subscribe to the fact that one could actually make an MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) using standard servers and software - and run it in a data center.

The world has changed.

A personal holiday message from all of us at Pexip

As we are nearing the end of year holidays and are about to enter 2017, we wanted to give everyone a personal holiday greeting.

So when we planned our season's greetings for this year, we reached out to our colleagues around the globe and asked everyone to chip in and record a little message of themselves greeting you. No glossy studios. No scripts. No rules. Just real people with real heartfelt greetings.

Executive talks: Video can be preferable to being there

At the recent Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta, GA, we were fortunate to get some time with Logitech VP & General Manager for the Video Collaboration Group, Scott Wharton, and Pexip CEO Åsmund O. Fodstad.

The DNA of Pexip Infinity

Are you confused about the words used to describe video communications infrastructure?

(as adjective) distributed: Computing (of a computer system) spread over several machines, especially over a network: a distributed system.

Pexip Infinity is like the body's DNA - all information exists everywhere in the deployment.

Top 6 video communications interoperability challenges

One of the key challenges Pexip solves for its customers is interoperability between various video capable communications platforms. Quite simply, Pexip Infinity makes video communication possible across incompatible technologies. Interoperability is a core feature of the Infinity platform – in addition to a whole lot of other things, of course.

Here are the top six questions and challenges we are faced with every day.

It’s about people

When Matt Hansen, VP of Global Operations at Pexip, decided he wanted to move back to his childhood hometown of Moville, Iowa, he took his job with him.

After all, work is not about the location or physical space, it’s about what he did, and how.

Matt Hansen with his wife Cheyenne, and some of the Pexip team outside the Moville, IA, office.

Research: Remote attendance drives student behavior

A study being undertaken by the Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics at the Indiana University South Bend finds that there is strong correlation between student attendance and the ability to take part in classes remotely.

The research project looks at students' reactions to being able to attend classes via real-time video, and their attendance and engagement.

The project is being led by Harry Vasilopoulos and Dave Vollrath from Indiana University. 

REC.VC's new plugin for Pexip makes recording and streaming easy

REC.VC by Media Network Services (MNS) is a global cloud service for recording and streaming of video meetings, townhall meetings, training sessions, lectures, and more.

The company has just released its made-for-Pexip recording and streaming plugin, which integrates and sits directly inside the Infinity Connect client suite.