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Welcome to ODA Networking by Pexip 

On the agenda:

Kristin Ruud

SVP HR & Business Support at Kongsberg Digital

Building tribal unity and powerful cultures that lead technology innovation

Mikael Hansson

Psychologist at Corporate Spring

The insider/outsider experiences of belonging and how it affects the human brain

Hanne Margrethe Hjermann

Architect, Partner and CEO at iARK

The design of physical + digital workspaces that enable vibrant work 

Ingrid Woodhouse

Chief People Officer at Pexip

The challenges and opportunities of hybrid participation across geographies & cultures


Get to Know...

Our Speakers!


Kristin Ruud - ODA Networking Day with Pexip speaker - cropped

Kristin Ruud
SVP HR and Business Support at Kongsberg Digital



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Hanne Margrethe K Hjermann
Architect, Partner & CEO at iARK AS


Mikael Hansson
Mikael Hansson
Licensed Psychologist and Organisational Consultant at Corporate Spring


Ingrid Woodhouse

Ingrid Woodhouse
Chief People Officer at Pexip



Kristin has extensive experience from leading technology environments. Today she is a creator of complex digital solutions that are changing the maritime, energy, and utilities fields. She is part of the executive management team and leads a global team. Kristin has previously held the positions as HR Director in Microsoft Norway as well as Director of Marketing, Communication, People and Culture in Atea Norway to mention a couple.

Kristin enjoys working in companies where people dream big, start small and scale fast. She also believes in creating cultures of belonging and curiosity which fuels learning, creativity, innovation and growth. 


Hanne Margrethe has been responsible for the completion of various large and complex projects for numerous significant Norwegian companies, both in the corporate and cultural spheres. The solid ties she’s developed with many clients during more than 20 years of professional experience are a contributing factor to an ever-increasing demand for her services.

Hanne Margrethe is inspired by how the working environment has a noticeable effect on people's ability to do great work. When people are situated in an environment they appreciate and find comfortable, it affects them in a positive way and thereby affects performance. Which factors determine whether we perceive an environment as comfortable or not? That’s a question she finds utterly fascinating and ponders over.



A licensed psychologist with extensive experience of developing people and organizations, Mikael’s expertise is to develop management teams and coach leaders to become the best versions of themselves. Mikael is a firm believer in the importance of integrating a leader's own unique personality to their current leadership role. By assessing and advising on their personal development, Mikael coaches leaders and management teams in developing their businesses in a rapidly changing world. 




Ingrid is Pexip's Chief People Officer. She is responsible for Pexip's employees and their development within Pexip. Prior to joining Pexip, Ingrid has 15 years of leadership experience within people and professional development with McKinsey & Company, as well as serving as the general manager for Juvelér Langaard.

Ingrid's passion for building empowered, inclusive and robust cultures is what sets her apart. She believes that culture can and will determine the success of any company. Her belief is that, when done right, culture enables people to do their best work, be their best authentic selves, and go above and beyond what they ever imagined possible.