What do I need to do before I can join a Pexip conference?
If you were just invited to a Pexip meeting and are wondering what you need to do next, read on.
August 1, 2016

The quick answer to the question is "Probably, nothing!"

It's a question we get asked a lot, often by people who are feeling jaded at the expectation of having to download and learn yet another bit of software to access yet another system.

You don't actually have to download anything to join a Pexip meeting.

One of the great things about Pexip Infinity is that it offers so many different ways to join a conference. You can choose the one that works best for you, wherever you are at that particular moment. And while Pexip offers downloadable clients for use on PCs and mobile devices, you don't actually need any of them to join a meeting.

Joining a Pexip meeting is easy

Joining a Pexip meeting is easy, and does not require any downloads at all

The exact options available to you will depend on your own setup, and what information you were given by the person who invited you to the conference.

There is a multitude of ways you can join a Pexip meeting. And most of them mean you don't have to download anthing at all.

Here are some options for how to join a Pexip meeting:

1. You already have a videoconferencing room or desktop endpoint

If you already have a video endpoint or room system in place, you can just dial the address (URI) you were given (the address will look something like name@company.com).

2. You use Microsoft Skype for Business or Lync for your daily video calls

Similar to if you have a video endpoint or room system, you simply dial the address (URI) you were provided in the meeting invite. Again, it will have the format of name@company.com or similar.

3. You do not have a video endpoint or Skype for Business

If you don't have a video endpoint at all, or don't use Skype for Business or Lync, you can use your web browser to access the meeting over video. We recommend using Google Chrome, it has capabilities for real-time High Definition video built right in.

The person who invited you should have given you a link for the meeting. It will have the format of https://domainname.com/meetingname. Simply click the link, or copy it into your browser's address bar. You may then be asked to type in the name of the conference room, or the link may take you straight into the conference. This depends on how the invite you have received is formatted.

If you have not been given a link, ask the person who sent the invitation for it. Enter your own name, and click "Connect".

4. Using a phone to dial in

You may also be able to join the call using a telephone (but not all virtual conference rooms will have been set up for this). If so, simply dial the telephone number you were given.

For more information

You can find out more about using Google Chrome to join a meeting here: https://docs.pexip.com/end_user/infinity_connect_quickguides/using_conne...

And you can find out more about our full range of software clients (browser-based, and downloadable for desktop or mobile) from https://docs.pexip.com/end_user/guide_for_admins/end_user_introduction.htm