Playing with the Microsoft Surface Hub
Microsoft's new wallhanger shows exciting features
September 4, 2015

Pexip has been able to play with the new Surface Hub from Microsoft at our strategic partner Viju's offices in Oslo, Norway.

The Surface Hub works great in a videoconferencing environment.

The new collaboration display and category-defining product shows some really impressive features, and has some really neat ideas built in.

But how does it integrate with legacy videoconferencing?

Some of the key questions asked are

  • Can I integrate the Surface Hub with my existing video infrastructure?
  • How does it look with content and sharing between these eco systems?
  • How do I include it in my established workflow?

We've done some recordings, and will publish more over time as we learn and get more hands-on experience. What is clear is that the Surface Hub is an impressive display, especially the 4k resolution 84" one, but also the less obtrusive 55" 1080 panel.

Even inking and annotation replicates in realtime to others using for intance WebRTC, SIP, H.323 or mobile devices when using Pexip as a gateway.

The collaboration experience from multi-touch, and great responsiveness when working with it, makes it clear that it is a display and tool that will hang on many walls as it becomes available. 

The Surface Hub integrates nicely with videoconferencing

Our limited experience so far shows that it will integrate nicely with standards based video conferencing. We have tested it with a variety of endpoints, including models from Cisco and Polycom, but also WebRTC, Lync, and others. And, to answer a simple question:

It can double as a very good videoconferencing endpoint in small and medium sized rooms.

Using Pexip Infinity as a gateway, there is hardly a limit to what you can use to connect with it. The same goes for presentation sharing. Both ways, both to and from the Surface Hub. With Infinity, you can easily integrate the Surface Hub in your existing videoconferencing environment and established worklows.

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This article will be updated.