Stream meetings and conferences straight to YouTube from Pexip Infinity
Outbound video enables streaming to CDN and public services
February 6, 2015

Pexip Infinity can output a dedicated multimedia stream to enterprise CDN (Content Delivery Network) streaming and recording services, and public streaming services such as YouTube. Any Pexip conference can be streamed as a live event to an unlimited number of viewers, and can automatically be recorded and stored for later consumption - VOD or push.

YouTube live event streaming

Pexip Infinity enables you to stream any Pexip conference directly to YouTube as a Live Event (standard YouTube functionality). This enables reaching an unlimited amount of viewers at the same time - in high definition (HD).

Direct live streaming via YouTube includes presentation sharing, and a full one-way meeting experience. It can be used for product presentations, company presentations, announcements, and anything you would stream to a large amount of people.

Pexip Infinity bridges the gap between enterprise videoconferencing and broadcast and streaming. 

When the streaming session ends, the entire conference will be stored for later consumption.

Enterprise CDN services

Pexip Infinity’s outbound video stream is simply consumed by enterprise Content Delivery Network services.

Professional streaming and video management services delivered by Wowza, Adobe, VBrick, as well as Microsoft Azure and others can manage, stream, record and store the conference, and enable organizations to consume at will.

Pexip Infinity's simple integration API makes it easy to integrate with existing or new services, and quickly enables organizations to benefit from their investments.

General features

  • Stream to an unlimited amount of viewers on YouTube
  • Stream securely within enterprise network, to any enterprise CDN service
  • Automatically record and store stream with YouTube
  • Youtube generates a shareable link in advance; share the link at any time
  • Share to mobile, desktop, embedded devices
  • Record and playback as needed
  • Stream and playback on any supported device
  • HD quality, content sharing
  • Support for multiple CDN services, including YouTube, Azure, Adobe Flash Server, Wowza, VBrick and many more 
  • Pexip Infinity API driven - simple integration