Live webinar: What's new in Pexip Infinity 12?
Learn it from the team that created it
May 30, 2016

With each new release of Pexip Infinity comes a number of new features and added functionality. The recently released Infinity 12 holds more than 25 of them.

In this live webinar we will cover what they all are, and why you want to pay attention.

What to expect from this webinar

Pexip's VP of Architecture, and representing the Office of the CTO, Jordan Owens, will lead a discussion where we go through all that's new in V12.

  • What does it mean that it can now be deployed to the Microsoft Azure cloud?
  • What are the top elements that impact user experience and users?
  • Why would you want to upgrade if you are a platform administrator?
  • What are all the other new features?
  • Q and A - as you register, you can ask a question you want us to discuss in particular

How to register

Click here to register.

If you cannot attend the live webinar, register anyway, and we'll send you the recording so you can watch at your own leisure.

This webinar is hosted in cooperation with our partner Talkpoint, a PGi company: