Making it easier to join any meeting

One-Touch Join

We’ve all been there before. You scramble to find an open conference room, plop down your laptop and open a calendar invitation, only to realize a long string of characters stands between you and your meeting. The clock ticks as you frantically type -- and retype -- letters. Unfortunately, this meeting joining experience is all too familiar. We’ve accepted the complexity as “the way it is,” but we believe it doesn’t have to be that way.

Pexip removes complexity and makes it easy to join any meeting. 

Whether you’re invited to a meeting on Pexip, Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, BlueJeans, or GoToMeeting, you should be able to join quickly and easily. Pexip offers several ways to get you into your meetings faster.

One-Touch Join

With Pexip, you can simply walk into a meeting room, tap a button on the room system, and launch your meeting. Here’s how it works:

  • Schedule a new video meeting and include meeting room in the invite
  • Upcoming meetings are displayed on the touch panel of the video system that has been added to the meeting invite with a shortcut Join button 
  • To join the meeting, users simply push one button on the touch panel.


One-Touch Join works natively with both Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar.

Read more about the other updates included in version 23 of Pexip Infinity here


We recognize that not all meetings are scheduled. For the times when you just want to grab an open room and start collaborating, Pexip offers MeetingConnect. With MeetingConnect, you can join any meeting simply by scanning a QR code, with no need to schedule a room in advance.

  • Walk into any meeting room

  • Use your phone to scan the QR code 

  • Select the meeting you want to join from your phone

  • Accept the incoming call from the video system

Pexip is all about removing complexity for end-users. We recognize that you have a job to do, and we’ll continue introducing new ways that make it easier for you to do that job. To learn more to set up a demo, please get in touch through our website


Tom-Erik Lia
Tom-Erik Lia
Tom-Erik Lia is CEO and Co-founder of Videxio, where he is building the world’s first fully-automated video and telepresence service platform. The platform enables partners and resellers to deliver video as a service with their own brand to their customers, and helps organizations of all sizes quickly and easily access a high-quality video collaboration experience. Tom-Erik has 20 years of experience in the video industry, ranging from R&D, product management, business development to sales of video and telepresence. He served as Vice President for Research & Development at TANDBERG, and has more than 16 years of experience in managing, creating and building the TANDBERG Video Conferencing product portfolio, as well as working with product and technology strategy, product positioning, and acquisitions. He was responsible for driving business development, sales engineering, and communicating the strategy and vision of the combined TANDBERG and Cisco Telepresence and business video product portfolio in the European market. He has published several international patents within the video conferencing industry, and holds a masters degree in Computer and Automation Engineering and Computer Systems Engineering.

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