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One-Touch Join

Join any scheduled meeting on your room device with the tap of a button. Make joining and hosting meetings simple and stress-free.  

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Focus on your meetings, not on how to join them.

In today's workplace, video meetings happen from the office every day. Too often, joining these meetings means navigating multiple video platforms, endpoint devices, and calendar environments.

Pexip's One-Touch Join takes the stress out of joining and hosting in-office video meetings, so your team can focus on what's important.

Why organizations choose Pexip's One-Touch Join:

Flexible-Deployments (2)
Flexible deployment options
One-Touch Join works with any type of Pexip solution. It can be deployed as a licensing option with self-hosted Pexip Infinity, with a service plan as part of our Enterprise Room Connector bundle, or as a stand-alone solution.
Security (1)-1
Our One Touch Join solution allows users to join different meetings from Cisco and Poly VTCs with the touch of a single button.
Security (1)-1
Highly secure environments
Our IT team manages Pexip One-Touch Join as a stand-alone software solution, so all your confidential calendar and meeting data never leave your internal calendar environment.


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Works with the broadest range of meeting solutions

When switching between meetings throughout the day, it can be hard to keep track of which meeting solution you’re using, and how to find the joining info.

One-Touch Join makes it simple to join any scheduled professional meeting, including meetings on Pexip, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Google Meet, Cisco/WebEx, BlueJeans, Zoom, and more. 


Integrates seamlessly with your video conferencing hardware

Joining a video meeting in a meeting room can be time-consuming and confusing. One-Touch Join makes it easy.

With the tap of a button on a touch panel, you’ll be in your video meeting on your SIP/H.323 device in seconds.


Connects with your company’s meeting scheduling environment 

Users can schedule a new video meeting as they usually would in their organization's meeting calendar.

Upcoming meetings for that room are displayed on the touch panel of the video system, and with a single tap of the “Join” button, users can enter their scheduled meeting.


Gives IT full control over calendar data

Your IT team manages Pexip One-Touch Join as a stand-alone software solution, so all your confidential calendar and meeting data never leave your internal calendar environment. Like all of Pexip’s solutions, One-Touch Join is designed for enterprise privacy and security.

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Reduces stress on your IT team

Consolidate all video conferencing elements into one platform, making the joining workflow easy for IT to manage and monitor, with fewer crisis situations to solve, greater control, and flexible deployment options.


Simplify your experience with Enterprise Room Connector



To help alleviate user complexity, and expand the possibilities of your current video conference meeting rooms, Pexip has put together the Enterprise Room Connector bundle which encompasses everything you need to connect your video conferencing rooms and simplify the joining experience.

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Trusted by global organizations to power efficient, user-friendly meeting workflows

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Easy to manage. Easy to join.

One-Touch Join unites the widest variety of meeting solutions. 


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