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Flexible deployments: video conferencing solutions for any organization

Video conferencing solutions to suit any organization and technology infrastructure.

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Move to the cloud at your own pace and complement or extend your existing video conferencing infrastructure or service.

Pexip enables every feature from a single platform so there is no need for appliances, multiple deployments, or complex licensing schemes.


Pexip can be consumed and deployed any way to best suit your organization’s technology and infrastructure requirements.

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Pexip as-a-Service
The simplest and easiest way to get going with Pexip is to subscribe to it as a service. Simply select the plan that best suits your needs and subscribe to the number of licenses you need. Your users are ready to go in no time with all the capabilities and features you require.
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Pexip Private Cloud
The control and security of a self-hosted video conferencing platform with the ease and scalability of a shared cloud service. Pexip Private Cloud makes it simple for your organization to deploy and manage while eliminating the need to purchase new hardware.
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Pexip Self-Hosted
You may prefer to deploy and manage your meeting platform yourself. Deploy on-premises in your own data center, and benefit from the privacy and security measures you already have in place. Pexip runs on virtually any hypervisor to make it easy to get going.
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In the cloud of your choice

You can run the Pexip self-hosted solution entirely in your preferred cloud instance and tenant.
Do you already have an active Microsoft Azure subscription where all your other workloads are running? You can deploy Pexip there as well. It works the same way with AWS and Google Cloud Platform. You can run Pexip in the cloud of your choice, including both private and public clouds.



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Pexip is engineered to be infinitely scalable. You can add capacity and capabilities as your needs change, right from the management dashboard and simultaneously host and manage hundreds of thousands of video conferencing users in real-time. When you add capacity in a location, it becomes available from the moment you set it up with no additional licensing or further configuration needed.




Capacity and cloud bursting

Many organizations are set up with meeting platforms much larger than their average daily requirement. That means they have invested in hardware or software capabilities they're often not fully utilizing. With Pexip, you can automatically start and stop virtual machines or cloud compute, creating capacity only when you need it to save daily running costs.
Consider a worldwide organization that has users across all continents, but with fewer people in one region than others. Pexip can automatically pause capacity resources in that region to save cost. You can also choose to burst from on-premises to cloud, or even from cloud to cloud.

Pexip capabilities where you need them

At the heart of a Pexip deployment are management and conferencing nodes. The service is available worldwide, and if you choose to host Pexip, you can deploy as many conferencing nodes you want, anywhere in the world. This ensures local capacity where it’s needed, enabling local media traffic and local capabilities, such as interoperability, transcoding, endpoint registrations, and more.

Local capacity also means reduced latency, enhancing  face-to-face meetings. It also means distributed conferences, where everybody sees the same meeting layout and content. Local conferencing nodes means no cascading, and perhaps most importantly, significantly reduced bandwidth consumption and added resiliency. The Pexip distributed architecture is a patent protected technology.

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