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Pexip Solutions Partner | Skedify

Connect with your prospects, customers, and clients through a user-friendly and intuitive scheduling interface, with high-quality Pexip video meetings.


Pexip and Skedify provide frictionless scheduling and video meetings that enable your sales force and advisors to meet customers in the preferred channel at the right time.


The Skedify solution gives your customers the chance to have face-to-face meetings with advisors, directly from any branded touchpoints like your website, portal, CRM or app and at any moment in the customer journey. 

Skedify is easily integrated with your existing customer touchpoints through a simple plug-in.

Skedify document sharing

Skedify with Pexip provides: 

  • A fully-branded video meeting experience, from the waiting room to the post-conversation follow-up.
  • File sharing between internal and external participants so decisions can be made on the spot. 
  • Easily record and share your conversations or provide a post-meeting summary with chapter and annotating features.
  • Secure, high-quality video meetings that are easy to schedule. 
  • Easy-to-join video meetings thanks to device set-up assistance and a personalized test link to help get customers ready for the call.  
  • A private post-meeting space lets participants download any shared files and allows you to capture relevant feedback with a survey.

Skedify is ideal for medium to large enterprises that don’t sell directly to customers online but instead guide their customers expert advice at critical moments in their customer journey.

It’s an especially good fit in industries like banking, insurance, high-touch retail and for functions like HR and Recruitment

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