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Appointment scheduling

Enhance your existing workflows and improve the overall customer and employee experience with advanced scheduling features and use-case-specific modules that cover the needs of the most complex organizations.

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Built to meet your needs

Your company deserves a well-thought trough solution that serves the unique needs of your business. With Pexip Engage, you can choose from specialized feature modules built to fit your existing workflows.
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External Lead Generation
Partner booking application

The partner booking application allows your external lead-generation partners to book customer meetings directly in your advisor's calendar, automatically respecting scheduling and lead distribution rules in your Pexip Engage environment. 

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Personalized customer journeys
Lead segmentation

You can personalize your website's visitor experiences based on which lead segment they match with. Pexip Engage lets you connect your CRM lead segmentation data with pre-defined scheduling flows to optimize your customer experience and inbound process. 

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Temporary and specialized offerings
Listing management

Manage large volumes of temporary offers with dedicated advisors, subjects, and meeting types for job offers, real estate properties, or specialized projects. Integrate with your existing listing management system to create a frictionless customer experience. 

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Automated lead management flows
Meeting outcomes

Define different meeting outcomes to automatically trigger actions in your other systems (CRM, CMS, ATS) to streamline your customer journey. Create automated follow-up flows, update lead status, trigger retargeting campaigns or set automated tasks for your advisors.

Advanced scheduling features

Streamline customer experience and optimize advisor productivity with extensive scheduling options that match the needs of the most complex organizations and workflows.

Branch-specific scheduling rules

Branch-specific rules

Branch-specific rules allow each team to adjust enterprise-level scheduling rules to match their local schedule and preferences.

Custom scheduling rules

Custom rules

Control your appointments with in-depth, customizable scheduling rules such as meeting frequency, earliest/latest slot shown, etc.

Time slot-specific scheduling rules

Time slot-specific rules

Optimize advisor productivity by assigning specific rules such as subject, office, and meeting type to particular time slots.

Tentative scheduling

Tentative scheduling

Add additional flexibility to each office with the option to accept meetings by default or treat them as meeting requests.

Buffer time

Buffer time

Add buffer time between back-to-back meetings to improve time management and allow agents to prep for the next meeting.

SMS and e-mail notifications

Meeting notifications

You can send SMS and branded email notifications when a new meeting is scheduled, followed by automated meeting reminders.

Your team will always keep complete control of their availability and meeting preferences

Availability templates

Allow your employees to manage their availability by setting automated templates for working hours quickly and easily.

Multiple calendar sync

Add multiple accounts for two-way calendar sync to ensure precise real-time availability.

Agent specialization

Connect your customers with the most suitable advisor based on agent expertise. Assign your advisors to specific subjects, locations, and meeting types. 

Region coverage

You can match customers with the right advisors assigned to a specific region, optimizing user experience and agent productivity for on-location, phone, or video meetings.
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Multiple Calendar Sync Pexip Engage Appointment scheduling Features
Agent specialization - Pexip Engage
Region coverage Pexip engage

Offer your customers a fully branded and frictionless meeting experience

Branded email templates

Email templates

Our confirmation and reminder emails can be personalized and branded according to your company's preferences.

Content per location

Content per location

Include office-specific contact, parking, and accessibility information to optimize your customer experience.

Self-service reschedule

Self-service reschedule

Enable customers to reschedule or cancel appointments via confirmation emails and sms reminders.

Q&A fields

Q&A fields

Create personalized questions per subject and capture additional customer information during the scheduling process.

Integrated experience

Integrated experience

Build frictionless end-to-end customer journeys by connecting Pexip Engage with your customer-facing applications.

Meeting invitations

Meeting invitations

Send personalized meeting invitations to your customers with a predefined subject, agent, office, and meeting type.

Built for international businesses

Timezone support

Schedule international meetings across time zones with the confidence that everyone will join the meeting simultaneously.


Don’t worry about engaging with a multilingual customer base. Our solution is available in English, Dutch, French, Danish, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, and many more. 
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Multilingual options

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