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Pexip Private Cloud

The control and security of a self-hosted video conferencing platform with the ease and scalability of a shared cloud service. 

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Organizations today require a private and secure video solution that is easy to deploy and manage, with the ability to scale up and down with changing demand and organization structure.

Pexip Private Cloud can reduce the manpower needed to deploy,
manage and scale your video platform by up to 80% and eliminates the
need to purchase new hardware to add capacity.

Greater-reliability (1)

Keep tabs on your data

Customer-dedicated instances provide full data ownership without any exposure to third parties. Deploy in your region of choice to ensure local data protection and optimal media processing. 

Scalable (1)

Easy to manage and scale

Smart Scale meets capacity demand within one region or across the globe with a few simple clicks. Pexip Private Cloud allows you to take advantage of the global reach and multilayered security of the leading cloud platforms.


Create your ideal solution

Design and deploy your dedicated video network to best suit your organization. The customization options of Pexip Private Cloud provide an ideal base for video-based services or applications.

Secure and private cloud migration

In their journey to the cloud, organizations have had to decide whether to leverage a shared cloud location or deploy and manage their own solution in the cloud to fulfill data privacy requirements.
Private clouds provide a virtual private cloud only accessible to a select group of individuals and accessed through a private internal network. Companies can trust that data stored or processed in a private cloud is protected from exposure to any third parties and data does not come in contact with intermediate network operators (ASNs).


The Pexip Private Cloud provides the data control and transparency of our self-hosted software deployment with the ease and scalability of a SaaS solution.

Conference management is hosted by the customer, while the compute needed for call capacity is deployed by Pexip in a secure and private, customer-dedicated instance.

The solution allows for an accelerated, easy-to-manage deployment that maintains the control and privacy of a fully self-hosted solution.



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Where in the world is your data? 

What happens to your data that is collected when using shared cloud services? This could be meeting data, employee data or highly classified data. With other cloud services, you lose control of where your data is routed, and where data is stored (at rest). Your data and information can easily be routed around the world in a single call. 
With the Pexip Private Cloud, you take back control of your data and decide where you’d like to host it. If you’d prefer data to never leave a dedicated country or set of locations that maintain an elevated level of data protection, this is easily achievable. Deploying within your region means that data storage and processing fall under protection of local legislation.
Your data stays local and private to only your organization. The Pexip Private Cloud makes it easy to add additional points of presence in new geographies to accommodate international growth or expansions within minutes.

"The launch of the Pexip Private Cloud comes at an ideal time to address a real market demand that Frost & Sullivan has been tracking.

There has been a reticence among large organizations to move to the cloud due to data privacy and control concerns. The new Pexip Private Cloud meets this heads-on."

-Rob Arnold, Program Manager, Unified Communications and Collaboration, Frost & Sullivan

Easily scale-on-demand

The Pexip Private Cloud allows our customers to enjoy the benefits of utilizing world-leading cloud computing services without any of the complexity of micromanaging virtual machines.
The solution reduces the manpower needed to deploy, manage and scale the platform by up to 80% and eliminates the need to purchase new hardware to add capacity. The speed of deployment for the Pexip Private Cloud is up to 10x faster than a typical self-hosted deployment.


Live scaling: Watch as capacity is easily added and deployed in just minutes. 

The dedicated platform is automatically deployed in the data center of the customer’s choice and  scaling capacity or geographies can be done with just a few clicks. Billing is also simplified with a pay-per-consumption model that can offer savings over a direct cloud billing relationship.

Private Cloud with Futurum (1)

Pexip's Private Cloud: A game-changer for digital collaboration. 

This white paper from Futurum Research explores digital collaboration, video conferencing, and team collaboration, the role security plays in these solutions, and the value of a private cloud solution offering frictionless videoconferencing. 

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Accelerate your journey to the cloud

Organizations are looking to migrate their on-premise deployments to a digital cloud solution but are not willing to give up the control and privacy that the on-premise solution offers.

Pexip Private Cloud lets you migrate the majority of the deployment to the cloud, reducing internal IT resources and improving flexibility while maintaining full control and management ability.

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Leveraging the world’s most powerful cloud platforms

Pexip Private Cloud map with GCP locations

Pexip leverages industry-leading cloud platforms to enable the vertical and horizontal scaling our customers require. Google Cloud Platform provides the global reach and multilayered security to enable accelerated cloud migration for our customers and is currently available in more than 24 cloud regions and have more than 140 network edge locations. 

Pexip simplifies communication across borders, businesses and platforms.

Experience the power of Pexip firsthand to see for yourself why users rate Pexip #1.