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Education: How Indiana University reduced absenteeism with 50% using remote access education

Indiana University (IU) recently released a study showing how video can improve attendance and student satisfaction. IU improved attendance by 50% using a blended learning environment that included video. 

Join IU professor Harry Vasilopoulos to learn more about how they use video to support distance learning. Harry will discuss the results of the study and share key takeaways including:

  • How video can give universities a competitive advantage by helping to attract top-notch students and faculty
  • How distance learning can diversify course offerings by enabling a wider range of presenters to lead classes
  • How blended learning environments can improve attendance and student satisfaction
  • Best practices for blending remote and in-person lectures
  • What to look for in a video platform to support distance learning

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Speakers in this webinar:

Harry Vasilopoulos, Lecturer in Human Resource Management at the Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics at Indiana University
Jordan Owens, VP of Architecture, Pexip
Anders Lokke, Marketing Manager, Pexip