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The video platform to transform your patient, customer, & client experiences

Discover how the Pexip platform helps you create customized, integrated, and user-friendly video engagement with consumers.

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Pexip is more than just a meeting solution.

Our video platform can build, enhance, and personalize your end-user's experience.

Across many industries, we enable video solutions built for the future of consumer engagement.

Discover how we power secure virtual care solutions to suit patients' unique needs.
Government & Judiciary
Learn how we handle sensitive government-to-citizen & virtual court communications.
Finance & Banking
How do we deliver the 'personalization' of experiences across the financial sector?
We help law firms transform collaboration with clients, regardless of device or location.
Discover the advanced video customer engagement solution to enhance the full retail journey.


Trusted by global organizations to power customer & patient communication

Create flexible, customizable user experiences

Our digital infrastructure was built to integrate with other technologies and is flexible enough to support industry-specific B2C use cases.

The Pexip software platform can be tightly integrated into new or existing business processes and workflows to provide a branded user experience that is easy to join from any device or location.

Pexip video platform user on cell phone

Keep your customers' data secure

Pexip’s security-first approach to data means that you have full control over all call data and metadata. Providing this assurance can help you build invaluable digital trust with your customers.

Pexip can be deployed in a wide variety of ways to maintain compliance with privacy or security requirements and standards. Pexip is committed to helping organizations provide high standards of information security for their customers, clients, and patients, with our compliance and certifications across GDPR, Schrems II, ISO 27001 and other vital encryption protocols.



Experience seamless API integrations

Thanks to native integrations and APIs, the Pexip video platform works seamlessly with existing technologies and industry-specific applications like electronic health records (EHRs) and learning management systems (LMS).

Our APIs can integrate with “out of the box” workflows and can be extended to perform a range of tasks. This could include adding an SMS invitation, providing access to a company directory, or building a fully-branded experience with custom apps and integration with external control systems for inbound call management.


Build trust through familiarity and ease of use

With full customization and branding options, you can provide your users with a custom branded video experience. Familiarity helps reenforce your brand, and with custom integrations, users can join video interactions within your organization's native, branded experience.

Extend your organization's branding across the entire customer journey to ensure your clients, patients, and customers feel at ease during every stage of interaction.

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Discover how our video platform is deployed to drive more immersive customer experiences across a broad range of industries.



Facilitating secure virtual healthcare

Pexip Health provides a secure video solution for confidential medical conversations on a custom-built telehealth platform. Features and capabilities include:

  • Scheduling and queuing services
  • Translator services
  • Second opinion support
  • Telesitting and remote rounding
  • SMS notifications
  • Behavioral health consultations 
  • Customized branding
  • Security and patient data privacy
  • Time management and efficiency benefits
  • Trust, confidence, and ease of use for patients
  • Native integration with Epic EHR

Custom telehealth platform

Pexip Health powers a diverse set of APIs, and can be customized as a single platform for administrative and clinical requirements to suit patients' unique needs.
Pexip Health

Find out how the Pexip self-hosted solution is helping major healthcare organizations meet the Quadruple Aim with our modern virtual care solution


Government & Judiciary

Enabling remote court & government-to-citizen communications

Our scalable platform facilitates many forms of G2C communication, including departments and agencies responsible for welfare programs, tax authorities, and child services.

Pexip's video solution also enables judiciaries to connect with citizens within virtual court, providing citizens with greater convenience, and making justice systems more efficient and accessible. Features and custom capabilities can include: 

  • Secure participant verification
  • Recordings and transcriptions
  • Screen content sharing
  • Interoperability with existing courtroom video infrastructure

Virtual offices

Pexip focuses on security and scalability - both of which are critical to enabling government departments to manage thousands of users in real time, on tailored interfaces, while facilitating capacity fluctuations when needed.

Learn how Pexip's trusted, flexible platform can be tailored to handle the most sensitive government-to-citizen communications.



Finance & Banking

Bringing a human touch to digital finance & banking

How does Pexip enable financial organizations to build client and customer relationships, and drive loyalty?

  • Easy-to-join video chats, with no downloads or and plugins 
  • Customizable branding, creating a seamless experience and building customer trust 
  • Personalized financial support from anywhere, on any device, offering greater convenience for customers
  • Face-to-face interactions using ultra-high quality audio and video, to build lasting customer relationships 
  • Secure authentications keep customer identities and data private, while providing peace of mind
  • Analytics & reporting allow your organization to learn from and improve your customer interactions 


Find out more about how Pexip's video platform powers user-friendly video banking and can be integrated with apps and other tools to provide financial services that are personalized and secure.




Transforming collaboration between law firms and their clients

The Pexip platform helps law firms put their clients first, with collaboration solutions to optimize internal workflows. Make client meetings with attorneys and staff simple and stress-free with the ability to quickly join from any device, platform, or location. Pexip provides many benefits to law firms:

  • Provide greater convenience and expedited service to clients
  • Nurture client relationships through the experience of face-to-face interaction
  • Build client trust with customized branding features and a seamless user experience
  • Add and leverage key legal meeting features to enhance collaboration, including file sharing, note taking, transcriptions, and document collaboration
  • Provide attorneys and staff with more flexibility, making them more available to clients


Pexip can provide law firms high-quality meetings and full data sovereignty to meet compliance mandates. Our platform helps firms offer client experiences that are personalized, simple, and secure.



Connecting retailers and customers

We configure API integrations to enable seamless communication and collaboration between retailer and customer, focusing on the core elements of creating a smooth retail journey:

  • A simple, seamless way to access face-to-face chats
  • Convenience for the customer, equaling saved time and minimized stress
  • A more personalized and tailored retail experience
  • Reinforced branding through customization options
  • Opportunities for retailers to develop their video applications to fit each unique use case
  • Scalability to meet shifts in customer demand

Retail Image 2

The Pexip platform facilitates multi-channel UI, and can provide functionality for customers to book meetings online or in-store.

Pexip's video solutions can enhance the virtual shopping experience and advance customer engagement.

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Today, global organizations rely on video communications for more than just meetings.

Discover how our flexible self-hosted video solution can support your organization in driving greater consumer engagement for customers, patients, and clients.


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