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Pexip Solutions Partner | SimplyVideo

Improve frontline worker safety and productivity by supporting remote colleagues with a 'connected worker' solution.


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Together, SimplyVideo and Pexip connect remote teams instantly and securely, facilitating real-time knowledge and screen sharing in the most challenging worker environments

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SimplyVideo's interactive, real-time video platform connects teams and brings new perspectives to video calling.

Connecting remote teams with meeting spaces and offices using the power of Extended Reality. Smartglasses and their 'see what I see' wearable technology means practical business tasks for field services such as troubleshooting, training and guiding become seamless, fast and productive.

Discover how SimplyVideo's Extended Reality video platform is deployed to support real time coverage from the most remote teams across a broad range of industries...

Powering secure telehealth solutions for remote or even offshore workers.
Energy & Utilities
Enabling remote inspections, audits, training, and securing health and safety standards.
Supporting maintenance programs and critical operations management.
Securing critical communications like remote inspections and training.
Driving clinical research, trials data and medical innovation.

Do more with your video meetings

SimplyVideo and Pexip enable you to visually connect your operations center and meetings to Extended Reality wearables devices out in the field.

We connect global domain experts with onsite personnel quickly and easily across a broad range of devices, allowing you to do more with your meetings.

Experience a flexible platform designed with interoperability at the center to bring in Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex, and VC meeting room devices.

 Customizable Branding
 Enhance brand identity through a customizable virtual experience.
Gears API Rich Integrations
 Integrate our software into existing workflows, tools and applications.
Private (1) Private Connectivity
 Deploy in the cloud of your choice or host the solution on-premises.
Security Security Assured
 ISO 27001:2013 certified and GDPR compliant.

Real-time video support for remote field services: what are the benefits?

  • Issue resolution: hands-free collaboration and 'see what I see' support
  • Health & safety: improve new staff onboarding with remote guidance
  • Support maintenance programs: reduce maintenance costs and provide hands-free collaboration
  • Operational efficiency: reduce downtime, travel time, emissions, and time to resolution through better collaboration by leveraging intelligence across your organization
  • Remote training: record and centralize content, and deliver on-the-job training while solving complex problems with your colleagues
  • Communication in real time: consultations and correspondence with suppliers, staff, and contractors in challenging field scenarios
Low-Bandwidth Low Bandwidth Requirement
 Experience stable connections to even the most remote locations.
Easy-to-use-3 Easy-to-Join Connections
 Instant video call support with a single voice command or QR code scan.
Exercises In-Call Annotations
 Enable annotations inside teams' video collaboration sessions.
Any-Device Multi-Device Join Options
 Connect remotely via smartphones, AR wearables, tablets, or laptops.

Beyond video calling...

Does your organization need to connect subject matter experts with remote field locations?

See what so many other global organizations can see, and experience secure, flexible, and intuitive multi-party video conferencing for remote field services.


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