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Pexip & Rocket.Chat
for secure on-premise collaboration

Maintain full data control with an integrated chat and video solution for secure communications.


Experience secure enterprise communication


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Who has access to your company data?

Cybersecurity risks are increasing and organizations are looking for a secure, on-premise collaboration solution to minimize attack surfaces and ensure total control over organization data.

Is your organization in control of all data and metadata from communications?

Cybersecurity risks are increasing

Billion USD
Cost of cybercrime for US organizations in 2021.
Cyberattacks in 2021 compared with 2020.

Seamless enterprise communication
with full data control

Rocket.Chat and Pexip have partnered to provide a modern, on-premise collaboration solution that puts your organization back in control of all of your data, including its location.

Control (3)
Complete data control
Reduce the surface area vulnerable to cyber attacks while maintaining full access and control of data.
On-premises collaboration
Secure on-premise alternative
Keep collaboration safely on-premise while providing a modern, long-term solution.
Digital transformation and hybrid workforce
Safely unite your hybrid workforce
Enable secure on-premise communication and collaboration from any device and location.

Move beyond the cloud with Pexip & Rocket.Chat

Enabling secure and data-sovereign collaboration for government, the public sector and defense.

Mission-critical video communication

Pexip for Secure Communications provides a secure and highly-private video conferencing solution for organizations that need to protect and manage highly confidential information.

The solution works in zero trust and air-gapped environments, enables authentication tools and workflows and puts organizations in control of all meeting data, including call records.



A modern alternative to Skype for Business Server

Is your organization unsure of the next collaboration path after Skype for Business Server? Do you prefer to continue with a self-hosted deployment but need to ensure your hybrid workforce remains connected?

Thanks to Pexip's interoperability with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, the transition is easily supported - and at the pace that works best for your organization. 


Beyond The Cloud | Enabling Secure On-Premise Collaboration

The last couple of years have forever changed the way we work. Organizations today are under pressure to balance internal security requirements while enabling their hybrid workforce with a modern, secure collaboration tool. In this webinar, you'll learn how to combine chat, video conferencing, and projects in a single application while maintaining the security of mission-critical communications for a hybrid workforce.

If you're impacted by the Skype for Business Server end of life, you won't want to miss this! 

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Security and data privacy in every conversation

Rocket.Chat is the world's largest communications platform that was purpose-built for organizations needing more control over their communications.

It enables collaboration between colleagues, partners and platforms without compromises.

Secure your organization's chat and video collaboration

Get in touch if your organization handles highly sensitive corporate or customer data, and empower your hybrid workforce with secure, modern enterprise communications.

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