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Secure Video Communications for Governments & Judiciaries

Enable mission-critical communications, modernize your infrastructure and engage citizens with Pexip’s trusted, scalable video platform.

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Government departments and judiciaries increasingly rely on flexible video communication to secure both government-to-citizen (G2C) communication and internal agency collaboration.


Here's how Pexip's video solutions can help:

As today's public sector organizations look to the future of work, how can government agencies keep teams securely connected, in the office and at home?


Security & Data Privacy

Security is our #1 priority

Our infrastructure enables and protects sensitive and mission-critical communications. Connect with anyone, any time, anywhere in the world, securely.

With Pexip, your agency or department can rest assured your communications data remains safe and private. Security is a primary concern in many public sector communications, including:

  • Military personnel
  • Intelligence teams
  • National security departments
  • Counter-terrorism units
  • Justice system communications and remote court sessions
  • Discussing sensitive citizen and government worker information
  • Legislative or executive branch meetings and inter-agency communications


Our emphasis on data sovereignty is what drives us. Your organization will remain in control of all call data and metadata. Our self-hosted Pexip Infinity solution means data doesn’t leave country borders and also extends into vital government-to-citizen communications.

Large government agencies around the world trust Pexip to keep their communications smooth and secure.

Trusted by government organizations

Secure workflows & deployments

As an approved video conferencing solution for government use, Pexip’s platform is designed to meet the strictest U.S. Federal requirements and is: 
→ JITC-certified
→ FIPS 140-2 compliant
→ Enables HIPAA compliance
→ GDPR compliant
→ Section 508 compliant
Pexip uses industry-standard encryption and security protocols to control access and to prevent unwanted audiences from listening in. Pexip gives organizations full control over their own environment. In response to the Schrems II ruling, we ensure that you continue to control data flows. 

From internal government collaboration to virtual court sessions and G2C communications, find out how public sector organizations can create a video solution that integrates with existing workflows and maintains security compliance across all video interactions with members of the public.






Simplicity & Ease of Use

A simple video platform for inter-agency and G2C communications

We care about making the user experience as simple and intuitive as possible, both for internal video meetings and government-to-citizen (G2C) interactions.

Pexip integrates video meeting technology into your existing workflows to facilitate easy-to-access internal and external collaboration, including for:

  • National tax and pension services
  • Welfare and unemployment offices
  • Public health and safety services
  • Local government and city council
  • Courts and law enforcement offices
  • Departments of traffic and motor vehicles
  • Immigration offices
  • Child and family services
  • Inter-agency communication at local and federal levels

government town hall

Pexip provides certified, native interoperability for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Google Meet, enabling government departments to bolster easily accessible video communications, both internally and with citizens.

Enable anyone to meet on video, regardless of technology, device, or location with simple, seamless video conferencing that's ideal for public sector organizations.


Scalability & Flexibility

Capacity for large-scale public sector video communications

Today, multiple levels of public sector organizations need to manage thousands of video conferencing users in real-time, and require the option to easily add capacity when needed.

For government communications, scalability is crucial. To effectively handle large-scale meetings and a constant stream of G2C communications, government organizations need a video conferencing solution that's built to meet this demand. 


The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs uses Pexip to power telehealth appointments for roughly nine million veterans. Patients connect via custom-built web and mobile apps, whilst doctors can connect via the custom web app or dedicated video conferencing systems (SIP / H.323 devices).

government national flags

How do we provide this flexibility?

  • Added capacity becomes available from setup, with no additional licensing or configuration needed

  • Organizations can deploy Pexip in a way that's best suited to your technology and infrastructure requirements. You can choose to run the entire platform on-premises, in the FedRAMP-compliant cloud of your choice (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services), or as a service.


Reliable Technology

Reliable technology, when it's needed the most

Our video conferencing infrastructure "just works." And it works the same way, every time. Predictability and reliability can be critical, especially in the following government use cases:

  • Ambulance teams. Body cam usage has reduced the number of attacks on paramedics and first responders.
  • Intelligence agents.  Across counterterrorism, child trafficking cases, and digital investigations, the investment in a secure video platform is vital.
  • Police departments. A tailored video platform that's under your control can support frontline policing, and be an important tool in covert operations.
  • Visual technologies. "See what I see" tech, enhanced with our video communications deployment, supports government workers from military personnel to parking enforcement to medical providers using telehealth.

police government frontline worker-min

Joining a video interaction should be a seamless part of the important communications between frontline and other public sector workers.

Pexip Infinity can be deployed to help get the job done faster, while also functioning as a tool to ensure the health and safety of government workers across a broad range of agencies. 

pexip_customizable_color (1)-1

Customization & Branding

Customization and branding help to build trust

Building and maintaining user trust in technology is critical to driving adoption and creating successful communication channels.

This is especially true in government-to-citizen video interactions, which must serve a wide range of user types, and often involve the sharing of sensitive information. In moments like this, creating peace of mind is key. 

The Pexip platform enables you to control how invites are shared, how the video experience looks, and which tech it integrates with.

iStock-1223889856 (1)-1

What are the some of the ways you can customize your end-user's experience?

  • Create custom themes and backgrounds for virtual waiting rooms and in-meeting screens
  • Have your agency or department's logo always visible, so users know they're in the right place
  • Control your video meeting settings & layouts
  • Integrate the video platform with your existing workflows using open APIs for a seamless user experience


Virtual Courts

Post-pandemic backlogs: How our virtual court platform supports global judiciaries

Our platform helps enable justice systems to be more accessible, secure, and efficient.
Across the globe, judiciaries trust Pexip to deliver technology for virtual and hybrid court hearings, video arraignments, virtual interactions in corrections systems, and policing. This also includes tackling case backlogs created by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Our video platform for court proceedings can be deployed to comply with national and state administrative orders on disclosure of information and recordings.
remote court hearing on Pexip video conferencing

Free eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid & Virtual Court Hearings

Learn how courts and correctional institutions are using video to reduce backlogskeep employees safe, and save money.

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What are some advantages of implementing a virtual court process via video communications?
  • Efficiency, time savings, and convenience. Remote courts reduce the need for travel, parking, and security lines
  • Increased safety and security of courtroom staff, legal representatives, witnesses, and defendants
  • Cost savings of overhead costs in courtrooms, as well as fewer staff needed during sessions
  • Superior documentation of court sessions, with recordings and transcriptions made easier

How can governmental judiciaries maximize video conferencing in courts?
A remote court system facilitates:
  • Video arraignments
  • Video parole hearings
  • Virtual court trials
  • Meetings with legal counsel
  • Mediations
  • Depositions

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Modernize, scale and customize your inter-agency and government-to-citizen interactions.

Discover Pexip’s trusted video communications solution for public sector departments and judiciaries.

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