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The average cost of a data breach has never been higher.

Skype for Business alternative

Today, many organizations are fully migrating their collaboration technology to the cloud. This option offers many benefits, such as flexibility, agility, and the need for fewer IT resources. But despite this trend, for some organizations, having a 100% cloud-based solution simply isn’t an option. Often, this is due to a number of security-related issues, including data sensitivity, regional data location requirements, or the effort to minimize the risk of cyber attacks. These attacks have never been so risky, according to IBM, the average cost of a data breach has never been higher. 

In the past, many security-conscious organizations have relied on Skype for Business, hosted on-premises, to provide them with a collaboration solution that offers full control over their video meeting data. The recent increase in cyber attacks, along with increasingly complex regional regulations on data storage and transit, means that this use case is still very relevant. 

The reality, however, is that even organizations with some high-security contexts often need different tools for different types of meetings. Depending on if a meeting is internal or external, and what the topic of the meeting is, there often are varying levels of data privacy needed. 

Since Pexip provides interoperability solutions for both Skype for Business (often used for sensitive, high-risk meetings) and Microsoft Teams, we offer organizations the opportunity to use the solutions that are best suited to a group or situation, without needing to fully abandon tools or workflows. For users, this also improves the ease of cloud migration (for the users and meetings types where that’s happening) and makes the adoption of tools more streamlined. 

Pexip provides meetings with complete data sovereignty and privacy, whether an organization chooses to host meetings on-premise or in a location of their choice, and we have for a long time been a part of organizations’ plans to migrate some or all of their video needs to the cloud.

Pexip-RocketChat-banner (1)Now, together with Rocket.Chat, the open source communications platform, Pexip delivers a modern, air-gapped solution for both video and chat. This is a solution that can be highly relevant for organizations seeking a Skype for Business replacement. This new option provides a secure, on-premise collaboration solution that maintains data sovereignty and privacy. 

Pexip delivers an industry-proven, secure and scalable video solution that can be integrated in an environment that maintains data sovereignty and provides full control of all signaling and logs. With Pexip and Rocket.Chat, users have a choice of using the platform that best fits the security needs of their meeting. 



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Jennifer Hoffman Bjærke;VP, Marketing
Jennifer Hoffman Bjærke
VP, Marketing
Jennifer is responsible for product and digital marketing at Pexip. She's worked in software marketing for nearly 15 years and finds joy in making the technically complex interesting and engaging for a broad audience.

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