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Pexip for Secure Communications

Inspire confidence with a scalable, reliable, and secure meeting platform that puts you in control.


Ensure full transparency and control of your video meeting data

Protect your organization against data breaches, network issues, and cyber security threats.




Pexip provides private and secure video meetings where video collaboration is mission-critical. 


Trust Pexip to handle your classified conversations

Pexip's video platform can be tailored to meet the most rigorous privacy needs while maintaining full control over your meeting data.
Choose the best-suited deployment model for your organization while maintaining full control over data locations to easily comply with any regional data storage and transit requirements. 



With cyber-attacks on the rise, confidential business information, critical services, and infrastructure are at risk. In fact, Gartner reports attacks are up 3,900% since 2013.


The need for a secure communication platform to protect classified information has never been stronger.






Why do global organizations choose Secure Communications?

Limit risk
Limit or remove exposure to the internet greatly reducing the risk of a data breach.
Protect data
Maintain absolute control over meeting data, including call records and other sensitive information.
Remain compliant
Comply with data sovereignty laws and regulations that require storage in specific locations.



Keep control of sensitive meeting records and data

With Pexip for Secure Communications, your organization keeps full control of all Call Detail Records (CDR), and meeting details and patterns are never exposed to third parties.
Pexip's core transcoding means that all of your video devices can take advantage of the latest features, not just the most recent models. 

Pexip is ideally suited to organizations that:

Need extra protection
Organizations that need to protect themselves against a possible breach of communication or associated data.
Require authentification
Meetings where the organizers must ensure that only authorized (and identified) individuals enter a meeting.
Domaine-hosting (1)-1
Need flexible deployments
Organizations that are required to adhere to legislation around data sovereignty and location or prefer an air-gapped environment.


Military-grade communications 

Organizations handling classified information such as intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, confidential client or patient data or surrounding national security concerns, need a video solution capable of handling confidential information.
Thanks to its flexible deployment options, Pexip can be configured to ensure all meetings and their data (and metadata) remain completely sovereign to your organization whether you choose an on-premise or dedicated cloud deployment. 

Flexibility and control from policy

Pexip can deliver complete data control and deployment flexibility thanks to APIs and our policy stack. The policy stack allows you to create any desired workflow with policy. Although there is quite a lot of flexibility built into Pexip Infinity, simple plug-ins can help you achieve even more including: 
  • Unique authentication forms
  • Validation loops
  • Constraints or permissions
  • Integration with a Zero Trust architecture
Beyond policies, Pexip can also be integrated with your preferred Identify Provider (IDP) to ensure the identity of any of your meeting participants can be confirmed before entering the meeting. A custom welcome screen explaining any additional regulations surrounding the meeting can also be introduced. 

Pexip Private Cloud focus-1


Don't sacrifice control for flexibility

Pexip is simple to deploy and manage. Administrators can manage global capacity from a single management interface. When unexpected demands for additional use arrive, additional capacity can be added in minutes through our management tool.
Pexip software can be hosted on-premise, in your preferred cloud solution, a private cloud, or a hybrid combination of any of these options.

Apply varying levels of data sensitivity

Organizations often have different levels of critical information shared both internally and externally, and different employees who interface with this information.
For example, discussions around a future company acquisition, intellectual property, national security concerns, health records, or international threats must be fully protected and controlled. A single solution or configuration may not be ideally suited to cover the security levels required for all groups.



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Do you have full control over your video conferencing data?

Five questions every organization should be able to answer.
Read the blog post now. 

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Trust Pexip for your most important meetings

Pexip for Secure Communications has been awarded a wide range of industry certifications and compliance recognitions.  The broad range of deployment options, including on-premises, means it can easily be configured to meet internal or regional security requirements. 

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