Pexip Room

Pexip Room software provides secure, immersive Pexip Meetings, directly from your meeting room device. 

Hardware solutions

Bring the Pexip meeting experience to your digital workspace with Pexip Room, a software application for Android-based video room systems that offers secure, high-quality meetings straight from your meeting room hardware.

Stress free meeting join experience

Stress-free joining

Join Pexip Meetings with the click of a button thanks to One-Touch Join. Pexip Room users experience the same seamless joining experience no matter what type of meeting they’re joining.
Smarter meetings

Meet smarter

Pexip’s AI-enhanced meeting experience brings video meetings even closer to meeting in-person and thanks to integrations with your existing calendar tools and meeting preview, keeping track of your day has never been easier.
Secure by design

Secure by design

Private, secure meetings without having to enter a pin number or remembering to lock the room. As always, your meeting and data is kept entirely private.



Tap into the powerful features of Pexip Meetings, directly from your room system.

Adaptive Composition uses AI to optimally frame meeting participants and prioritize groups, delivering an immersive, relaxing meeting experience without user action.
Thanks to integrations with Microsoft Outlook calendar, scheduling and joining meetings has never been easier. Meeting previews give you a sneak peak of who’s attending the meeting and who has already joined.

Tap TOP Off 3 (1)

Remove pre-meeting stress and enjoy a seamless joining workflow with One-Touch Join.

There’s no need to manually dial in or dig out a conference code from a meeting invite, simply enter the room and press the button to join your next meeting.
Thanks to Pexip’s best-in-class interoperability, One-Touch Join can be easily used to join Pexip Meetings. Our easy-join solutions allow you to reduce contact with meeting room devices for a safer workplace environment.


Keep your meetings secure and private with Pexip’s unique, security-first architecture.

Security is built into the Pexip Room experience without users having to adjust their settings or enter a PIN code.
Meeting participants can relax and focus on the meeting knowing that unwanted guests will be unable to join without being let in by the host, while familiar coworkers will have immediate entry to the meeting.
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Bring everyone together

Pexip works across devices and platforms so all users can connect, no matter if they're working from home or the office. 
Enjoy the same immersive, high-quality video meetings from your mobile, laptop or meeting room.


Pexip Room for Logitech

Equip your new video meeting rooms

Pexip for Logitech Rally


Pexip has partnered with Logitech® to provide a secure, flexible meeting platform for rooms of all sizes. 
The Logitech Rally family of all-in-one video bars and modular conference camera systems run on Logitech’s CollabOS and delivers the performance, installation ease, and device management tools you need to video-enable small, medium, large, and multipurpose rooms throughout the workplace.

Try Pexip Room for your Logitech Rally device free for 30 days! 

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Logitech Rally family of devices
Pexip Room is available for the Rally family of products including: 
  • Rally Bar Mini
  • Rally Bar
  • Rally Plus

Pexip Room for Logitech Rally endpoints includes: 


  • AI-enhanced meeting experience 
  • High performance video and audio quality
  • Centralized management via Logitech Sync
  • Integration with Microsoft O365
  • Easy-to-join meetings with One-Touch Join
  • Present from the room via HDMI
  • Single and dual display options
  • Microphone and camera controls
  • Camera control for RightSight autoframing
  • Meeting detail preview from Logitech Tap
  • In-meeting control with layout choices when using a single display

"As organizations plan for a post-COVID workplace, the ability to conduct secure, flexible meetings is more important than ever. With Pexip Room and its partnership with Logitech, Pexip can deliver an end-to-end meeting experience for browser, desktop, mobile, and meeting room users, enabling people to meet with anyone from home or the office.
Given its security-first approach and unique technology architecture, Pexip is well-positioned to help enterprises, healthcare organizations, and government agencies address users' changing needs in the hybrid work environment.” 
- Ira M. Weinstein, founder and managing partner at Recon Research

Ideal for mixed communications environments

With Pexip and Logitech you can bring all of your solutions together to support a hybrid workforce. Many organizations are now using multiple solutions to connect employees in offices around the globe and at home.
Deliver a consistent experience across all meeting rooms, whether deploying new video-enabled rooms or expanding your existing video estate.
Pexip gives everyone the same familiar workflow no matter how you choose to connect and the entire portfolio of rooms can be easily managed together as one deployment.

Video series: Getting started with Pexip Room


Sign in and register

This video will show you how to sign in and register your Logitech device to Pexip Room.
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Sending a meeting invitation

Watch the video to for an overview of how to send a meeting invitation to a Pexip Room.
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Before the meeting

In this video, we'll show you how to adjust the settings for the best meeting experience.
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Join a meeting

It's easy to join a meeting with Pexip Room. Simply enter the room and press the One-Touch Join button.
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Protect your investment

Pexip Rooms are easily connected with your existing meeting solution devices so you can expand your video-enabled rooms instead of replacing hardware.
With Pexip Room for Logitech devices, you can easily scale your existing video deployment of other standards-based solutions, like Cisco and Poly, to provide the same easy join experience for all users.

Are your meeting rooms ready for a hybrid workforce? 


Watch the video to learn how Pexip and Logitech can help your employees thrive from home or the office.