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Unite your meeting rooms with a Teams-like experience

Unite your meeting rooms with a Teams-like experience

The number of monthly active users of Microsoft Teams have almost doubled the past year, increasing from 145 million users in 2021 to 270 million in 2022 (source: The stats are clear, Microsoft Teams is one of the most used meeting platforms globally.

The introduction of Pexip's new Teams-like in-meeting user experience for CVI participants in Teams meetings reinforces our commitment to bringing a unified best-in-class meeting experience to everyone, no matter which device they join with. It enables organizations to deliver a Teams-like experience on all their SIP/H.323 video systems across all their meeting rooms.

Did you know? According to our 2021 Global Report on the State of Video in Large Enterprises, nearly 40% of the business leaders surveyed said they worry that remote participants don't fully participate or express their views during meetings.

Participants joining from a meeting room using the new Teams-like experience can now share a similar experience as participants using a Microsoft Teams desktop or mobile client, allowing for everyone to engage, and be seen.

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Pexip has introduced the following popular Microsoft Teams features to the video meeting experience:

Look and feel
Rather than looking like a standard video conference meeting, the CVI-enabled meeting will look and feel like a Teams meeting with its familiar layouts, colors, notifications, and other on-screen experiences.

Audio avatars
When meeting participants join a meeting with their video camera turned off, a portrait photo of the participant taken from the Active Directory integration will be shown on the video system.

Guest waiting in lobby notification
Waiting guests in the lobby were previously unseen unless the host also had a computer with the Teams client open. With the new Teams-like experience, participants in the meeting room are also notified when someone is waiting in the lobby with an on-screen notification shown on the video system, making sure everyone gets to join.

Raised hand indication3_4
If a participant raises their hand on the Microsoft Teams client, this will also be shown on the video system with the raised hand icon and a yellow highlighted border around the participant who has raised their hand. This is the same familiar experience users are accustomed to in the native Microsoft experience (MTRs and Teams clients).

Active speaker highlight
When a participant speaks, a purple highlighted border around the participant’s image or video will also be shown on the video system.

Spotlight sync
When a participant is put in the spotlight, that participant will also be spotlighted (given more screen space) on the video conferencing system (spotlighting can be applied via Teams client, MTR, mobile client, etc.).

Organizations already using Pexip’s CVI solution can take advantage of the new Teams-like experience to further extend the lifetime of their third-party video conferencing devices with a modern, familiar user experience, leading to an increase in productivity and greater usage of video meeting rooms.

For organizations that have made the decision to transition to Microsoft Teams Rooms, the Teams-like user experience allows you to transition at your own pace as users will have the same familiar and intuitive joining and in-meeting experience whether they are using an existing third-party video conferencing device (Cisco, Poly etc.) or a Microsoft Teams Room, resulting in higher adoption rates and lower user training costs.

Get Started

Existing Pexip Enterprise Room Connector and Microsoft CVI customers can be the first to try this new user experience by contacting their Pexip representative, channel partner representative, or our team of experts.



Michelle Behan Hansen;Product Marketing Manager
Michelle Behan Hansen
Product Marketing Manager
Michelle is responsible for product marketing at Pexip. She's worked in marketing in a variety of industries (aviation, fuel & retail, tech) for nearly two decades. Her passion is in Technology Marketing and being the link between product development and sales.

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