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Share your screen from iPhones and iPads

Sharing content from iPhone

Today we're introducing several updates to Pexip for iOS to join meetings on the Pexip Service! These updates give you even more control over your meetings when you're using your mobile devices so you can stay productive from anywhere. Keep reading to see what's new. ✨

Share your screen 📽

We’ve heard from many of you who are working from home that you’d love to be able to share your screen from iPhones and iPads. Great news — now you can! Simply press the new three-dot menu during a meeting and press ‘Share screen’ to get started

Mute current and future guests on entry 🔇

The more people join a meeting, the harder it is to deal with interruptions as people are joining. Many people don’t mute their microphones before entering which often results in background noise interrupting the meeting from office chatter, street noise, airports or coffee shops.

To reduce these disruptions, you can now toggle whether all the guests currently in the meeting should be muted (this also mutes all the guests who join the meeting in the future!). You’ll find this option to mute guests in the participant list when you open it during a meeting.

Improve your battery life 🏎

Pexip for iOS now uses MetalKit graphics which helps improve performance and reduces the strain on your device’s battery.

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Ian Mortimer;Senior Vice President - Technology
Ian Mortimer
Senior Vice President - Technology
Ian is the SVP of Technology in Pexip responsible for helping shape our unique tech and products. He's worked in software and communications technology for over 20 years with a strong focus on creating high quality products with a clear value for our customers.

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