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What's new in version 30 of Pexip Infinity self-hosted?

pexip v30 video conferencing features

With every new version of our Infinity self-hosted software, our goal is to improve and enhance the following areas with new features and functionalities:

Version 30 is packed full of exciting new features and enhancements. Here’s a quick look at some of what’s new. 🔎


Delightful user experience

Bringing a Microsoft Teams-like experience into every meeting room

Our new Teams-like layout (Tech Preview) gives users the in-meeting features they are familiar with on their Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile clients, now also on their professional SIP and H.323 video conferencing systems and meeting room hardware, allowing for a more intuitive, engaging and inclusive in-meeting experience.

Features include:

  • Raised hand indicators
  • Active speaker indication
  • Guest waiting in lobby notification
  • Spotlighting
  • Active Directory photo integration for audio-only participants

Pexip Connect for Web: Intuitive and highly customizable joining experience

Our new Pexip Connect for Web is a deeply customizable web app for Pexip Infinity as an out-of-the-box offering with a modern UI, great join experience and extensive flexibility for branding and localization​ including:

  • Background images
  • Welcome image
  • Logo inclusion
  • Custom greeting
  • Color theme

Learn more about how to make your video meetings a custom branded experience.

video call experience v30 audio levels v30 Pexip Infinityhealthcare example for Pexip self-hostedReducing interference from background noise

When there is audible background noise in a meeting, participants who are not speaking can be accidentally switched into the main speaker position. This can be distracting and takes away the focus from the person speaking. 

Voice Focus improves the way in which voice activity is detected by better distinguishing between actual speech and background noise.

Advanced speech-aware audio gating technology called softmute reduces background noise produced by conference participants who have their microphones on but are not speaking.

voice focus video conferencing feature

*Please note that the audio noise is not completely eliminated with Voice Focus or softmute.

Enhancing your video sharing with audio

When sharing your screen during a video meeting, you can now enhance video sharing with audio by using your system audio or a browser tab. 

video sharing in v30 Pexip Infinity

Enhancing our interoperability solutions

Google Meet interop enhancements

Improving the Google Meet interop experience:

  • Google Meet's noise cancellation feature is now supported - allowing you to filter out background noises such as typing, closing a door, room echo etc. on Google Meet meetings

  • Video room participants can now use DTMF/keypad controls to control the meeting layout during an ongoing video meeting
  • Transcribing audio prompts and visual indicator are now displayed on the video meeting room device for Google Meet meetings

Microsoft Teams interop enhancements

Management of your Teams Connector certificate just got

  • The certificate is now stored in the Azure key vault and can be updated without having to redeploy the Teams Connector.
  • New alarms are raised on Pexip Infinity when the Teams Connector certificate is due to expire within the next 30 days, and if it has expired. 

Restrict sharing for attendees

Depending on meeting roles, attendees may not have permission to share a presentation. Content presentation is now stopped if a CVI participant's role is changed to 'Attendee' while they are currently presenting in the video meeting.


Improving Privacy & Security

Client TURN server provisioning and new TURN server option:

When defining the Client TURN servers that will be provisioned to Connect app WebRTC clients, there is a new Enforce media routing via a client TURN server option.

Improving the Admin experience 

New languages support for the Infinity Management interface

The Pexip Infinity Administrator interface now supports both Korean and Traditional Chinese languages, adding to the existing supported languages: English (default), Simplified Chinese, Korean and Russian.

Further enhancements for direct media between two WebRTC participants (Tech Preview) 

  • A conference can now be escalated beyond the two WebRTC participants but this means the call is no longer a Direct Media call and instead is a standard, transcoded call with media sent via Conferencing Nodes. 
  • Support is now provided for chat, Connect app clients that are registered to Pexip Infinity, and joining as audio-only, and presentation and control-only connections.
  • Media stream details and a Direct Media status flag are available when viewing participant status/history via the Administrator interface and ​calls can now be monitored via Live View.


For more information on all of the technical updates of this release, please visit our documentation site.


Michelle Behan Hansen;Product Marketing Manager
Michelle Behan Hansen
Product Marketing Manager
Michelle is responsible for product marketing at Pexip. She's worked in marketing in a variety of industries (aviation, fuel & retail, tech) for nearly two decades. Her passion is in Technology Marketing and being the link between product development and sales.

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