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Today we launched the revamped site with expanded SDK offerings to integrate video even faster. The goal? Add video to your solution in 30 minutes or less.  

LEGO® is renowned for giving you just the right pieces to create your masterpiece, whether you’re following the set recipe for the Millennium Falcon or creating your own unique design. The pieces you need are right there in the LEGO toolbox. Today, a lot of companies want the same experience when building their own applications and digital workflows. They need modular software components to create solutions that will engage their customers in a virtual and hybrid world, not to mention differentiate their offerings.  

Today, Pexip is following LEGO’s tried and true model by offering just the right building blocks for developers to forge their own video-powered experiences with its refreshed site.  

The biggest update? Pexip released a new software development kit (SDK), making customizable components of its web experience available for developers. Now, it’s even faster to embed two-way video into websites to power everything from telehealth consultations to digital banking interactions. By using components in this new SDK toolbox, developers can add Pexip’s unique pre-meeting user experience to their applications.  

For instance, a developer tasked to add video to a doctor-patient healthcare service, for instance, can now download key Pexip building blocks to easily introduce a user-friendly video experience in their digital solution. 


Often telehealth appointments start late due to equipment setup issues and troubleshooting IT problems. In fact, the American Academy of Neurology found as many as 40% of visits have technical issues such as poor audio quality, video quality, or call drops. Pexip’s pre-meeting experience helps eliminate this friction by guiding new users through a step-by-step camera and microphone selection process.  


“We’ve invested thousands of hours in designing and testing the components that developers need to bring a high-quality video experience to their application. What this means is that Pexip has done much of the development work already, making it faster and easier for the developer to integrate a complete video experience into whatever they are building,” says Eric Pitcher, software engineer at Pexip. 


A site made by developers for developers, was first launched in 2022. Since then, it has served as a one-stop-shop for Pexip’s video technology resources. This site offers easy access to Pexip’s SDKs, video plug-ins, as well as code snippets that can be crucial for the development of new solutions. Developers can also engage with each other on the site and ask questions directly to Pexip experts.  



The newly revamped features: 

  • New component packages, now available from npm – the world’s largest software registry – to give developers what they need to create an advanced video experience  
  • In-depth documentation on the Pexip Connect for Web plugin API 
  • Pexip’s SDKs for IOS & Android devices  
  • More tutorials on how to integrate video  
  • Developers can save months of time and effort as they integrate video by using Pexip’s pre-built components. These savings are achieved by offering a wide variety of well-tested building blocks with which to create video applications.  


“We believe that video can enhance most digital services, from banking to financial to retail. Now we are offering composable solutions that help you customize and create an experience that suits your service, the way you want it, with less development time,” adds Marcos Cereijo, developer evangelist at Pexip.  


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