Pexip Infinity Version 6 announced
Pexip Infinity V6 enhances user experience and adds security features
June 10, 2014

The new Pexip Infinity Version 6 gets a Management Node makeover designed to comply with the strictest possible US Federal security requirements, as well as an enhanced Microsoft® Lync® integration to include presence information – strengthening the Lync Virtual Meeting Room collaboration experience.

Laptop with Lync presence information displayed.

New Pexip Infinity V6 features include:

Microsoft Lync presence information. Pexip publishes presence information for Virtual Meeting Rooms so that the end user will see if a particular VMR is “green” (i.e. available) in their own Lync client contact list. It helps the end user understand it is OK to dial in.

Microsoft Lync Custom Avatars. Pexip publishes a branded avatar for each conference, so that in addition to presence available in a Lync environment, Pexip Conferences will also transmit an avatar with each conference that will display on end user’s buddy list in place of an individual picture. This picture can also be fully branded on a per VMR basis, allowing administrators to replace the avatar with their company logo or one more appropriate for that VMR.

Conference Participant Limits. Conferences can be configured to limit the maximum number of concurrently connected participants. Based on the request of many customers and service providers, Pexip Conferences can be configured to only permit a maximum capacity, preventing oversubscription of conference resources.

AD/LDAP integration. Use AD or LDAP to enable different levels of administrative access. Provide access to the Administrator interface using single sign-on Active Directory (AD) or other LDAP server credentials. This allows enforcement of password complexity, expiration, automatic account creation/deletion, and use of the same network password used for other devices.

Role-based authentication. Provisioning of administrative access based on AD or LDAP server roles. As defined based on AD or LDAP server roles, access to the Management Node can be defined by access rights of each Administrator (e.g. full rights, read-only rights, no access), and allows the activities of individual Administrators to be tracked in the logs.

Platform Events. “Notify admins when ..” functionality provides a single screen and proactive notification to administrators when events occur on the platform. This allows for more rapid troubleshooting, issue resolution, and proactive maintenance to be provided. Events include license expiration, Conferencing Node restart, out of hardware capacity, etc.

Secure NTP. Use of encrypted NTP signaling for protection of time synchronization in secure environments. Details of this feature are provided in the article “Pexip Infinity platform management and security features”.

SNMP v3. Use of encrypted and authenticated SNMP network monitoring channel. All SNMP traffic can be encrypted and access protected by authentication.  This is important for security conscious environments across all verticals, including financial sector, public sector, and service provider. Details of this feature are provided in the article “Pexip Infinity platform management and security features” .

Assured Services SIP (AS-SIP). Compliance with Department of Defense requirements. AS-SIP offers compliance with specific United States Department of Defense (DoD) mandates important to operate in a mission critical environment. Details of this feature are provided in the article “Pexip Infinity platform management and security features”.

Localization. Pexip Infinity now supports Chinese language in the web interface, in addition to English.