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Whether you choose self-hosted or as-a-service, we ensure that your data is secure and protected.


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Super-wideband audio

High-resolution audio processing provides crisp communication, so you hear every vocal nuance and catch important information the first time.

Narrowband Wideband Super-wideband

Flexible deployments

An award-winning cloud enterprise application that enables enterprise-wide video conferencing and collaboration using any device or platform.


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Pexip is committed to upholding high standards of information security, privacy and transparency for its customers, partners and employees.
We offer security-first, enterprise-grade video conferencing solutions using industry-standard encryption and security protocols to maintain privacy and security.
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JITC Certified


FIPS 140 Level 2 Validated


Enables HIPAA Compliancy

ISO certification

ISO Certified Company


Security - Pexip Service

White paper: Pexip and the NCSC's Cloud Security Principles

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has specified 14 Cloud Security Principles (CSPs) to inform organizations how to configure, implement and operate cloud services in a secure manner. This whitepaper reflects safeguards employed by Pexip in the context of these CSPs.

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Based on Infinity technology

The Pexip service is based on the same core Infinity technology as our self-hosted software solutions.

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Dedicated Pexip network

All video and content traffic, except the last mile, runs on our dedicated network - a global network designed and built just for video and content sharing.

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GDPR compliant

The EU GDPR, followed by national privacy laws, bring strict requirements regarding how long personal data may be retained. Pexip is required and committed to process personal data accordingly.

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Continuous service monitoring

Pexip has a dedicated team monitoring the cloud service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to address service impacting or security threats.

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What's the best approach to ensure privacy and security in your video conferencing solution? 

Learn more in the podcast with Daniel Newman from Futurum Research and Giles Chamberlin, Pexip CTO and Co-Founder. 

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The Pexip Infinity self-hosted solution

Private deployments

Run the entire meeting platform on-premises and inside your network, or on any private cloud you choose. You’ll benefit from all the security measures you already have in place, plus those in place by your cloud provider.

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The PexOS operating system

Pexip Infinity uses a customized, cut-down version of Linux that has been specifically designed to avoid exposing unnecessary network services. This naturally limits the “attack surface” available to an attacker.

Encrypted communication

Pexip Infinity supports the latest industry standards for communication encryption for end-user devices including AES-256, ensuring that communication encryption is as strong as possible.

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Encrypt legacy devices

Pexip Infinity can connect legacy devices in the corporate network (which may not independently support encryption) and enable encryption when connecting to external devices that do support encryption.
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Avoid eavesdropping

Pexip always displays the full meeting attendee roster and has conference features such as the on-screen audio avatar and +n indicator. These features make it hard for uninvited guests to go undetected.
Locked Database

Make it private

Pexip supports PIN-protected Virtual Meeting Rooms for an additional layer of security and allows all meeting hosts to lock the room. Additional participants are then allowed to enter only through a lobby.

Your own TLS certificates

Pexip Infinity supports TLS and installation of your own TLS certificates – so clients and other servers can verify that they have genuinely connected to the correct Pexip Infinity server.
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Enhance security using policies

Organizations can use policies to allow or restrict calls into their service based on a variety of information, for example, the location of the caller.
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One-time-use VMRs

Meetings scheduled using the Pexip Exchange scheduling solution use Virtual Meeting Rooms with unique, randomly-generated aliases - which only exist for the duration of the meeting.
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Best practices security measures

Pexip Service PoPs (Points of Presence) are managed by industry-leading facilities, and include multiple layers of security. These layers range from human and personnel security to compliance with relevant standards such as SOC2, SSAE16, and ISO 27001.

Industry-standard encryption

For endpoint registrations, media traveling on the Pexip Service uses industry-standard encryption to enable Secure Real-Time Transport (SRTP). By default, signaling is encrypted using SIP TLS.
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Network and Host IDS

Pexip uses IDS/IPS solutions to help protect your service hosts. This includes alerting administrators of malicious activity and policy violations, as well as identifying and taking action against attacks.

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