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Pexip Solutions Partner | Kinly Virtual Courts

Secure technology to simplify and extend the reach of in-person court hearings.


What's a virtual court?

A virtual court is when some or all of the participants involved in legal proceedings such as a trial or hearing takes part remotely instead of in person.

This was previously done via the phone, but more recently, has been done over video. Webcams, microphones, and screens are set up to link the participants to the magistrates' court, often combined with professional video endpoints in the physical courtroom for hybrid hearings.

The Kinly Virtual Courts solution uses high-quality Pexip video to fully virtualize the process of a court hearing.

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Kinly Virtual Courts is a platform that accommodates the complex and adaptable workflows required in virtual court proceedings.

The solution helps to ensure compliance to required processes and fulfills the stringent privacy and security demands of legal proceedings. 

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The virtual courts solution provides: 

  • Easy-to-join, high-quality video sessions
  • Virtual waiting and screening rooms for individuals and groups
  • Ability to break out into private rooms with participants within the same group 
  • Automation to simplify common processes, like automatically transferring participants from the waiting room when a hearing starts
  • Changing of display names for anonymity
  • Ability to assign separate roles like judge, witness and clerk
  • Control over screen sharing and visibility of the roster list
  • Court manager role with overview and support functions 

Increase the efficiency of courthouse proceedings

A fully virtual or hybrid hearing offers improved efficiency for all parties. The need for physical transport of participants including suspects, defendants and witnesses is eliminated, resulting in decreased costs and reduced delays. 

The ability to include remote witnesses or subject matter experts is also greatly improved in a virtual court setting. For example, a police officer could dedicate an hour of time participating in a hearing rather than a half or full day with the commute, waiting and other necessary processes at the courthouse. 

Easy to use for employees and participants

The digitization of court hearings makes the hearing process simpler. Court clerks and judges can focus on their key responsibilities instead of ensuring the correct participants are in the right room at the right time. Session participants are able to easily join their sessions via a browser. 

By including rules with a hearing workflow, you can configure custom rooms and enable features like automatically starting recording. The virtual courts solution seamlessly integrates into the judicial workflow and courthouse proceedings. 

The virtual courts solution is a purpose-built virtual courtroom with adaptable workflows and a high level of security developed to digitize our judicial systems worldwide.

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A secure and private solution

Kinly Virtual Courts is a fully secure solution that can be deployed to best suit your organization and includes: 

  • Industry-standard encryption
  • SSL/TLS certificates
  • Data sovereignty 
  • ISO27001
  • SOC2 compliant
  • Schrems II compliant
  • 24/7 service monitoring

The virtual courts solution includes features to ensure full privacy and process compliance. Separate waiting and screening rooms allow for the identification and separation of legal parties. 

The judge or court hearing manager can:

  • Remove the naming roster 
  • Mute participants
  • Raise hand to speak
  • Block presentation capabilities 
  • Obscure PSTN phone numbers 

These features ensure privacy and help keep the hearing in order. Kinly Virtual Courts is a purpose-built virtual courtroom solution with adaptable workflows and a high level of security developed to digitize our worldwide judicial systems worldwide.