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Take your meeting rooms to the next level

Give your employees a better meeting room experience. While simplifying your infrastructure with an all-in-one license.

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All-in-one solution for all your meeting rooms

Pexip Connect Standard helps organizations modernize their video conferencing infrastructure to save money and provide a simple, intuitive meeting experience for all users. 

Any room. Any meeting.

Bridge the gap between modern video meeting platforms and existing meeting room devices. 

Make hosting and joining video meetings a seamless experience with Pexip Connect Standard.
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Make video meetings easy to join

Make it your own

Add your brand elements and calling domain so employees and guests know they're in the right place.

Seamless calendar integration

Automatically add third-party join information to your calendar invitations.

Join meetings with one click

Join any video meeting seamlessly. All it takes is a single click of a button – even on most video conferencing devices.

No more waiting in the lobby

Join meetings immediately with secure lobby bypass.
Make it your own
Integrates with your scheduling app
Join a meeting with one click
No more waiting in the lobby

Video meetings that look and feel like you expect them to

Even when joining Teams meetings from non-Teams devices and rooms they look, feel, and behave like Teams meetings. Just like you expect them to.

A Teams-like experience on all your devices

Give all your video meeting room devices a familiar Teams-like user experience. Benefit from
  • Teams-like layout, look, and feel
  • Seeing raised hands and active speaker indications
  • Visual notifications for recording and transcription starting
  • Being notified about guests in the lobby
  • Teams' Spotlight functionality
  • Showing images from AD when participant are not using video
  • Not wasting space on participants not using video
Teams-like experience for all your devices

Put people in focus

With AI-powered Teams-like layouts, people are in focus. Even if they move around. Give everyone space to be seen and make meetings engaging and productive – automatically and intuitively.

The only sound that matters

AI-powered background noise suppression. Remove outside leaf blowers, your dog snoring, or kids home from school playing. No distractions. Only your voice. For everyone, not only those with special hardware or headsets.
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More than just Cloud Video Interop

Simplified infrastructure. All-in-one license.

Competition's offering
Pexip's offering
Basic Cloud Video Interop (CVI)
Advanced Cloud Video Interop (CVI)
One-Touch Join
Exchange calendar integration
Secure lobby bypass
B2B calling
Firewall traversal
Phonebook & directory integration
Brand customization and custom domain
Registration & provisioning
SIP Guest Join for Google Meet
Teams notifications
Dual-screen endpoint support

The sustainable choice

Simplify video collaboration while reducing cost and waste.
Modernize legacy, DX90 with Teams-like layout
Cloud modernization
Benefit from the latest experiences and capabilities even when using older video systems.
Extend the lifetime of your devices
Extend the lifetime of your devices
Extending the life of your devices helps reduce e-waste and allows you to transition to newer devices at your own pace.

Easy to manage

Comprehensive real-time platform management, analytics, and monitoring.

Putting you in the driver's seat

Benefit from a comprehensive management platform:

  • SIP/H323 endpoint registration and provisioning
  • Real-time and historical platform monitoring
  • Advanced real-time and historical usage analytics
  • Complete platform management
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Reduce costs & carbon-footprint


Infrastructure cost

Decrease current on-premise, cloud, and service costs with simpler infrastucture.

time cost

IT staff time cost

Decrease time of maintaining and managing legacy systems.


Extend device lifetime

Modernize your existing video hardware with the latest software.

Companies connecting siloed technologies

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Deploy where you want

Choose the deployment option to suit your company’s current and future needs.



self hosted

Self hosted

Use the cloud of your choice


Enhanced Room Management

Effortlessly manage your organization's video conferencing systems.

Professional Services

Get help to install products reliably, quickly and cost-effectively.

1080p Full HD

Benefit from up to 1080p Full HD video resolution for all users.

Modernize your meeting infrastructure for today's workforce

Get the most from your existing hardware and reduce ongoing costs.
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Where to buy

Enterprise Room Connector can be bought through our certified resellers.