Join Teams meetings from Zoom Rooms. Zoom & Pexip partnership

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Join any virtual meeting from any meeting room. Always easy.
Control your meeting data with a secure communications platform. Always compliant and flexible.
Develop custom video applications, leveraging our high quality video platform.
Enterprise scheduling and meeting platform to facilitate omni-channel personal client interactions.
Pexip Connect

Teams Rooms

Join any meeting from Teams Rooms.
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  • Microsoft Teams Rooms compatibility for Webex, Zoom, Google, and other meetings
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms compatibility to call any SIP/H.323 address
  • Point-to-Point (P2P) calling between Microsoft Teams Rooms and SIP/H323 devices
  • For Microsoft Teams Room Pro on Windows
Pexip Connect

Zoom Rooms

Join Teams meetings from Zoom Rooms.
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  • High quality interoperability alternative to Direct Guest Join
  • Microsoft Teams meeting compatibility for Zoom Rooms
  • Microsoft Teams meeting compatibility with Zoom-registered SIP devices
  • Native one-touch to join functionality on Zoom Rooms
  • Dual and single screen system support for all participants
  • In-room content sharing using HDMI and wireless capabilities where available
  • Teams-like experience with notifications and layouts
Pexip Connect


Join Teams meetings from any device with Cloud Video Interop (CVI).


  • Certified Cloud Video Interop (CVI) for Microsoft Teams
  • Certified interop for Google Meet
  • Choice of Microsoft or Google as primary platform
  • Automatic calendar addition of join details for selected meeting platform
  • Lobby bypass
Pexip Connect


Pexip Government Cloud is a FedRAMP® and StateRAMP Authorized CVI solution.
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  • Cloud Video Interop (CVI) for Microsoft Teams
  • Pexip Connect for Teams Rooms
  • On Pexip Government Cloud
  • Teams Like Experience on SIP/H323 devices
  • SIP/H.323 compatibility for Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • One-Touch Join for Teams, Google, Zoom, Webex and other meetings
  • SIP Guest Join to secondary platforms (Teams or Meet)
  • Custom calling domain and branding

Complete feature list

Teams Rooms
Zoom Rooms
Interoperability features
Cloud Video Interop (CVI) for Microsoft Teams
Join Teams Meetings from non-native Teams devices.
Certified: Skype for Business interoperability
A gateway between Skype for Business and standards-based video conferencing systems, translating protocols and optimizing media streams to provide smooth communication.
Teams Rooms 1:1 direct calling
Connect for Teams Rooms entitlement.
Join SIP meetings
Guest Join
Join applicable external meeting invites.
Third-party SIP device support
Calls via 3rd party SIP devices are supported, i.e. MTR: calls to/from, CVI: calls into Teams Meetings from 3rd party SIP devices.
Third-party H.323 device support
Calls via 3rd party H.323 devices are supported, i.e. MTR: calls to/from, CVI: calls into Teams Meetings from 3rd party H.323 devices.
One-Touch Join to join any meeting
DTMF in meeting control support
Teams Meeting features support
Teams-like experience
Provides a Teams-like layout and experience on SIP/H.323 devices.
Secure IVR lobby bypass
Trusted devices automatically bypass the Teams Meeting lobby.
Teams Live Events
Host Teams live events from a SIP device.
AD avatars
Show avatars from Active Directory (AD) for audio-only internal users.
Transcription notification
Shows notification when Teams meeting transcription starts.
Lobby notification
Notification when a guest enters/leaves the Teams Meeting lobby.
Raise hand notification
Notification when someone raises their hand in the Teams meeting.
Dual screen video, people + content
Dual screen systems are supported showing people on both screens when no content is shared and showing people on one screen and content on the other during content sharing.
Teams Large Gallery layout
Shows Microsoft's Large Gallery view on a connected SIP device.
Roster List/mute indication
Via Pexip macro for Cisco devices.
Layout control
Via Pexip macro for Cisco devices.
Deployment options
SaaS - FedRamp/StateRamp authorized
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Microsoft Azure
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
Pexip Private Cloud
Management features
Device registration/call control
Directory provisioning
Pexip Control Center
Live platform monitoring
Pexip Secure Meetings


Secure and private meetings.
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  • High quality video meetings
  • Unlimited meeting length or number of attendees
  • Universal interoperability
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Meeting classification indicators
  • "One-time" virtual meeting rooms
  • Secure waiting area
  • Custom branding
  • Authentication (OIDC/SAML)
  • Accessibility
  • Comprehensive integration capabilities
  • On-premises, private cloud and hybrid options
Pexip Secure Meetings


Sovereign and compliant meetings.
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Includes Enterprise, plus:

  • Role based access control
  • Zero Trust compliant integration
  • AES-256 military grade encryption
  • TLS 1.3 support
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant
  • Hardened management platform
  • Enterprise class auditing
  • Threat-based development
  • Support for GCC & GCCH
Pexip Secure Meetings


Mission-critical video communications.
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Includes Enterprise and Government, plus:

  • Classified meeting support
  • License policy for survivability
  • Support for air gapped networks
  • Attribute based access control
  • DISA Approved Products List (APL)
  • NATO FMN ready
  • S4B server replacement
  • Custom integrations
  • Session labelling and marking
  • Multi-enclave and cross-domain capability
  • Support for GCCDoD
Pexip Secure Meetings


Easy-to-use and accessible healthcare.
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Includes Enterprise and Government, plus:

  • Easy-to-join telehealth visits from any location
  • Enables HIPAA Compliance
  • Seamless integration with Epic’s workflow
  • Context-aware linking within an Epic appointment
  • Launch video calls from Hyperspace, Haiku, Canto or EpiCare
  • Support clinic-clinic and telesconsult workflows
  • Requires no downloads or plugins
Pexip Secure Meetings


Award-winning platform modernizing the judicial system.
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Includes Enterprise and Government, plus:

  • Configurable court flows
  • Support for multiple roles
  • Role-based waiting room
  • Judge's chamber (side-bar conversations)
  • Scheduling tool/API integration for scheduling
  • Custom integrations
  • Digital inclusion - no download required
  • Interpreter support - coming soon

Complete feature list

Unlimited meeting length
No limit to the length of your meeting.
Unlimited number of attendees
No limit to the number of attendees, including guests, to your meetings.
Automatic noise removal, intelligent video framing, participant detection.
Custom layouts
Decide how you want participants to be displayed on screen.
Secure lobby
A virtual waiting area prior to joining the main meeting.
Output an RTMP/RTMPS multimedia stream to streaming services or an enterprise CDN (Content Delivery Network).
Output an RTMP/RTMPS multimedia stream to recording services.
Live captions
Automatically generate text from speech.
In-meeting chat
Raise hands
Breakout rooms
Move participants from one meeting room to another.
Screen sharing
Full HD sharing of content.
Apply your own corporate branding and produce a personalized user experience.
One-touch join
Join any meeting you are invited to with the click of a button.
Live and historic meeting management
Distributed architecture
Ability to deploy conferencing resources where and when required. Increased resiliency.
Intelligent conference management
Upscaling of all connected participants to provide a seamless experience to all.
Virtualized software
Deploy the software on a range of hypervisors.
Classified Meeting support and indicators
Microsoft Office 365 or Exchange users can quickly and easily add a Pexip meeting to their invitations
Security features
End-to-end encryption
256-bit AES-GCM/TLS1.3/SRTP
Advanced security controls for signalling and data encryption.
FIPS 140-2 Compliant, FIPS 140-3 In Process
U.S. government standard that details the security requirements for cryptographic modules to be military grade.
Role-based access control (RBAC)
Users gain permissions to perform certain operations through their roles, rather than being assigned permissions individually.
Meeting passwords
Pin-protect meetings to prevent unauthorized access.
Lock meetings
Lock any meeting you are in to prevent unauthorized access.
Secure authentication (OIDC/SAML)
Advanced processes for verifying the identity of a user.
External and local policy
Apply bespoke call policy and routing decisions based on your own specific requirements.
GDPR compliant
Compliance to the rules on data protection and privacy for individuals within the EU.
JITC compliant
JITC evaluates and ensures that different technology systems and products can work together securely and effectively within the defense network and with other systems.
Enables HIPAA Compliance
Standards and safeguards to protect the privacy and security of patient health information.
Hardened management platform
Management platform that has been extensively secured to prevent unauthorized access, and protect sensitive data from various threats and vulnerabilities.
Enterprise class auditing
Zero trust compliant integration
Every component, system, user, and service adheres to the stringent security controls and policies of zero trust.
Attribute-based access control (ABAC)
Access to resources is determined by evaluating policies that are composed of attributes, allowing for fine-grained and dynamic access control.
Support for GCC, GCCH, and GCCDoD
Compliance with the specific security, compliance, and regulatory requirements of these distinct government cloud environments.
Business continuity licenses
Business continuity/disaster recovery licences is a failover when a crisis hits, either network outage or primary collaboration tool downtime.
Deployment options
Customer data center
A facility owned and operated by you to house IT equipment, including servers for Pexip.
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
On-demand cloud computing platform provided by Amazon.
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
A suite of cloud computing services offered by Google
Microsoft Azure
Comprehensive cloud computing service created by Microsoft.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Oracle's comprehensive cloud computing service offering.
Pexip Private Cloud
Your own private instance of the platform hosted on your behalf by Pexip, entirely within the Pexip Private Cloud.
Mitigate the risk of unauthorized access, and exposure to malware and other cyber threats by physically isolating the system from other networks, including the internet.
Interoperability features
Certified: Microsoft Teams Interoperability
Full support for Microsoft Teams. See Pexip Connect for more details.
Certified: Skype for Business interoperability
A gateway between Skype for Business and standards-based video conferencing systems, translating protocols and optimizing media streams to provide smooth communication.
Third-party SIP video device support
Supports any SIP video device.
Third-party H.323 video device support
Supports any H.323 device.
Device registration for SIP video devices
Registration, call control, phonebook and management of SIP video devices.
Integrations & APIs
Developer platform
Use our APIs/SDKs to create your own video applications.
Management API
Allow third parties to control, configure, and obtain status information on the Pexip platform.
Client API
This API is designed for use by web-based custom voice/video applications that want to initiate or connect to conferences hosted on the Pexip Infinity platform.
Policy API
Allow a vast range of call policy decisions to be taken by an external system, based on the data sources that are available to that external system.
Exchange integration
Create an add-in that enables Microsoft Outlook users in Office 365 or Exchange environments to quickly and easily add a Pexip meeting to their invitations
Wearables: RealWear integration
App allowing RealWear assisted reality (aR) users to join a Pexip meeting
Chat: Rocket.Chat integration
Quickly and easily start a Pexip meeting from Rocket.Chat's secure chat solution.
Contact center: Genesys integration
Launch a video call directly from within the Genesys contact center offering.
Whiteboard: Collaboard integration
Start secure whiteboarding directly from the Pexip user interface.
Pexip Video Platform

Video Platform as a Service

Easy-to-use video platform as a service. Developer tools to accelerate development of standalone or embedded video applications
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  • Regionally geo-fenced hosted service
  • No storage of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Industry-leading encryption technologies
  • Multiparty end-to-end encryption
  • Policy-based user authentication
  • High quality audio and video - up to 1080p
  • Multiple presentation streams
  • Fully brandable
  • Custom layouts
  • Web & app-based connectivity
  • Multi-protocol support coming
  • Full SDKs & sample apps
  • The service can be fully integrated with existing business applications
Pexip Video Platform

Self-Hosted Video Platform

Flexible video platform for customizable, self-hosted video applications.
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  • On-premises or self-hosted in the cloud of your choice
  • Customer remains in full control of all stored information
  • Industry-leading encryption technologies
  • End-to-end encryption support
  • Policy-based user authentication and control
  • High quality audio and video - up to 1080p
  • Content as separate stream or combined with main video
  • Fully brandable
  • Custom layouts
  • Multi-protocol interoperability
  • Full SDKs and APIs for integration into existing workflows
  • Integrations: wearables, persistent chat, secure whiteboard, contact center
  • APIs for integration into existing policy services

Complete feature list

Video Platform as a Service
Self-Hosted Video Platform
Regionally geo-fenced hosted service
On-premises or self-hosted in the cloud of your choice
No storage of personally identifiable information (PII)
Customer remains in full control of all stored information
Industry-leading encryption technologies
End-to-end encryption support
Multiparty end-to-end encryption
Policy-based user authentication and control
High-quality audio and video
Resolutions up to 1080p
Single stream content sharing
Ability to send multiple forms of content simultaneously
Fully brandable
Custom layouts
Individual layouts per participant
Web & app based connectivity
Connect from all devices
Multi-protocol interoperability
Full SDKs & sample apps for easy adoption and integration
The service can be fully integrated with existing business applications
Integration with wearables e.g. Realwear
Integration with secure chat e.g. Rocket.Chat & Mattermost
Integration with secure whiteboard e.g. Collaboard
Integration with contact center e.g. Genesys
Integration with Epic for Healthcare
Pexip Engage

Enterprise scheduling

Scheduling to elevate personal client interactions.
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  • Omni-channel appointment scheduling
  • Fully branded video meetings
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Real-time insights

Complete feature list

Enterprise scheduling
Schedule advisor meetins with customers in your branch of showroom.
Schedule phone meetings from anywhere.
Have quality branded and secure video meetings with your customers.
On location
Meet your customers where they are.
Branch-specific rules
Branch-specific rules feature allows each branch the possibility whether or not to follow the rules set on enterprise-level.
Availability templates
Take control of your availability by setting automated templates for working hours quickly and easily.
Timeslot-specific rules
Optimize advisor productivity and time management by assigning specific rules such as subject, office and meeting type to certain time slots.
Agent specialization
Connect your customers with the most suitable advisor for their needs, based on agent expertise.
Tentative scheduling
Add additional flexibility to each office with the option to automatically accept appointments or consider them as meeting requests.
Personalized meeting link
Personalize your customer's experience by offering a targeted appointment invitation link containing a specific subject, office, agent and/or meeting type based on their needs.
Easy agent re-assign
In case of absence or unavailability of the agent, the booked meeting can easily be reassigned to another agent.
Self-service reschedule & cancel
Allow customers and agents to conveniently reschedule or cancel appointments.
Buffer time
Automatic buffer time between back-to-back meetings ensures better time management and allows agents to collect notes, take a break or prep for the next meeting.
Custom granularity & other rules
You’ll have total control over your appointments with in-depth customisable scheduling rules such as meeting frequency, earliest/latest slot shown, and more.
Concurrent group meetings
Manage the number of customers that can book a specific meeting slot simultaneously.
Region coverage: On location
Match customers with the right advisors assigned to a specific region for your on location meetings.
Region coverage: Phone and video (virtual office)
Match customers with the right advisors assigned to a specific region. Optimizing user experience and agent productivity for phone or video meetings.
Timezone-specific scheduling
Connect with your customers, no matter where they are. Book international meetings across time-zones with the confidence that all parties will automatically show up at the same time.
Multilingual web application and plug-in
Don’t worry about engaging with a multilingual customer base. Our solution is available in English, Dutch, French, Danish, German and many more.
Mail notifications & reminders
Both customers and agents receive email alerts and notifications scheduled and get timely reminders beforehand.
SMS notifications & reminders
Both customers and agents can receive SMS alerts and notifications when an appointment is scheduled and get timely reminders beforehand.
Brandability mail templates
Never miss a chance to boost your brand. Our branded confirmation and reminder emails can all be personalized according to your preferences.
Custom notifications rules
All notification messages are fully customizable.
Custom reminder rules
All reminder messages are fully customizable.
Customizable content per location
Include office-specific info such as contact, parking and accessibility information as well as a welcome message to optimize experience.
Calendar sync
Multiple calendar settings & configuration
Adjust the calendar syncs accordingly. Choose to which calendar appointments need to be copied to and which calendars are taken into account for availability.
Multiple account sync
Connect and combine several calendars that need to be taken into account when scheduling appointments.
Google Calendar
Two-way sync your Google Calendar to Pexip Engage. This covers both personal accounts as Google for Business accounts.
Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online
Two-way sync your Office 365 account to Pexip Engage. This covers both personal accounts as business accounts.
Exchange On Premise (2013+)
Calendar services provided by MS Exchange servers on premise. Pexip Engage supports MS Exchange 2013 and higher.
API (Inbound)
Use our Open REST API to integrate Pexip Engage into your application of choice.
API Access (Outbound - Webhooks)
Transfer all appointment data to your current systems using webhooks.
Single-sign-on, allows an employee to authenticate to the Pexip Engage app using your company credentials.
CRM/ATS/CMS Connect (custom)
Connect Pexip Engage and a custom CRM to exchange information.
CRM Connect: Microsoft Dynamics
Native two-way integration between Pexip Engage and Microsoft Dynamics to streamline your customer journeys across both systems.
CRM Connect: Salesforce
Native two-way integration between Pexip Engage and Salesforce to streamline your customer journeys across both systems.
Integrate Pexip Engage into your website or other online platform (app, portal) using just a few lines of code
Business modules
Callcenter booking application
Let your callcenter agents book meetings for your advisors.
Partner booking application
The partner booking application is a very powerful asset at your disposal when you have one or more commercial partners structurally generating leads for your commercial network.
Define different meeting outcomes that can automatically trigger actions in your other systems (CRM, CMS, ATS,...) to streamline your customer journey.
Lead segmentation
Streamline the process of getting your consumers connected during a tailored customer journey. Start the Pexip Engage website plug-in for a specific lead segment with pre-defined subjects and meeting types.
Q&A module & customer fields
Capture extra information needed from the customer during the appointment booking process, specifically defined per subject. This can be done in Q&A form or other elements such as radio buttons, and checkboxes.
Agent prioritisation
Assign priority ranks to your agents to offer backup and therefore more availability.
“Listings” is a particularly powerful feature for companies that offer listings (jobs, properties, projects) with different scheduling rules (subject, office, dedicated agent, meeting type) per listing.
Basic insights company & branch level
Optimize the day-to-day processes of your agents/branches/networks by getting deeper insights into all scheduling activities.
Conversion analytics
Gain full insights into the customer booking journey and optimize each step of the process to schedule more appointments.
Availability reporting
Get insights into defined availability for your advisors and subjects and compare these against real availability offered to customers.