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Getting the Best from Your Home Office: Lighting

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In this episode, we talk about lighting and its importance in setting up a high-quality, clear video meeting.

The first question you might ask is… why is this important?

Good lighting helps present us in the best way but is also more considerate for participants in a video conference. When we’re communicating in a visual way, it’s important that people can see us clearly. If we sit in the dark or appear blurry, the added concentration needed to focus on you can create eye strain and fatigue.

The first thing to consider is where you place your camera, making sure you don’t have it pointing out to a window. The camera doesn’t deal very well with a bright light source in front of it. If set up this way, what people will see at the other end of the video meeting is too much light – and not enough you.

The same principle applies when a window with light is at the side of you and when lighting is directly above your head, it will cast shadows down your face.

Optimize your video experience. Watch this episode for a demonstration of light placement and more tips on achieving high-quality virtual meetings in the age of video.

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