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What is self-leadership? Dr. Kjell Nordström explains

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In this episode of our New Ways: Leading in a Changed World Series, Pexip interviewed renowned Swedish economist and author, Kjell Nordström. His latest book, “Corona Express: An essay on time travel” explores how society has changed as a result of the pandemic.

What is self-leadership?

 For Kjell Nordström, individuals are learning to adapt and lead their own work lives over long periods of time.

“It’s basically the ability to - like any guerrilla warrior - operate on your own for a long period of time, but you still know what the goal is overarching goal is, you don't forget that even if you're cut off for three days, three weeks, or even three months,” he explains. “You know that you're on a journey, and you know where you're going.”

 This in turn drives self-discipline. Historically, people were trained at universities or schools to assume that they would go into an organization where they would be managed by someone and would work within a framework. That’s not the case any longer. Individuals and employees have to self-organize.

“Now…you're usually given an assignment, but no one is there looking over your shoulder telling you to do this or that,” Nordström continues. “So it's a completely different ballgame, actually. And to be honest, when I look at this, it makes me rather inspired because this is a more humane way to organize work.”

This episode was filmed with interviewer Ben Campbell in Adelaide, and Kjell Nordström in Stockholm, Sweden – using Pexip video to bring everyone together.

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