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Simplify video collaboration for any meeting room & maximize your existing hardware infrastructure.

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Simplify your video meeting experience

To help alleviate user complexity, and expand the possibilities of your current video conference meeting rooms, Pexip has put together a device-based licensing bundle called Enterprise Room Connector which encompasses everything you need to connect your video conferencing rooms and make hosting and joining video meetings a pain-free experience.

Our Premium Enterprise Room Connector includes:
  • Interoperability with Microsoft Teams or Google Meet
  • Virtual Meeting Room
  • Endpoint subscriptions, registration/provisioning and phonebook
  • One-Touch Join / Meeting Connect
  • Trusted devices / lobby bypass
  • Business-to-business calls and firewall traversal
  • Custom domain
  • Custom branding
  • Bring your own carrier (BYOC)


Interoperability with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet

Our Pexip for Microsoft and Pexip for Google Meet products allow you to seamlessly join Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Google Meet meetings. Pexip natively integrates with the Microsoft Teams and Google Meet workflows. Scheduling meetings from Teams, Outlook or Google Calendar automatically inserts video conferencing dial-in details.

Virtual Meeting Room (VMR)

A Pexip VMR is a simple and easy way to virtually meet for either ad-hoc or scheduled video meetings where participants can collaborate and share presentations. Each VMR has its own unique virtual address (similar to an email address) making it easy for participants to join.

Endpoint subscriptions, registration / provisioning and phonebook

Registering video conferencing equipment to the Pexip Service enables users to call other rooms (internal or external) directly or initiate a VMR connection with multiple participants, without the need to deploy any additional video conferencing infrastructure or upgrade the existing infrastructure. Includes native call-control and automated phonebook management.

See our list of compatible endpoints.

One-Touch Join / Meeting Connect

  • One-Touch Join creates a single, seamless joining workflow for any professional video meeting allowing you to simply walk into a meeting room, tap a button on the room system, and launch your meeting.
  • MeetingConnect allows you to join any scheduled or instant meeting by scanning a QR code with your mobile that's associated with that meeting room's video endpoint.

Trusted devices / Lobby bypass

Trusted devices is an add-on for service gateway customers (Microsoft Teams or Google Meet) to allow lobby-bypass for SIP video endpoints that are not registered on the Pexip Service. 

Without trusted devices, only video endpoints registered on the service under the same company as the CVI Service for MS Teams can bypass the Microsoft Teams lobby, and only video endpoints registered on the service can bypass the Google Meet lobby.

Business-to-business calls and firewall traversal

All Pexip registered endpoints and soft clients are placed and connected from within your private network, behind the resident firewall. This provides easy and direct business-to-business video calling, without compromising on security. 

Learn more about Firewall traversal on the Pexip Service.

Custom Domain

Allows you to assign unique and universal video addresses to users and endpoints, even within your own domain via our Domain Hosting feature. You can even match a user's own email address for a more user-friendly solution.

Custom branding

Pexip Meetings (except one-time-use rooms) and our Microsoft Teams CVI and Google Meet interoperability meeting screens can be customized with your company logo and choice of background image.

Bring your own carrier (BYOC)

BYOC enables you to make or receive PSTN audio calls, using your carrier of choice. This eliminates the need for having a separate phone device in the video meeting room.

Learn more in our blog and in our BYOC guidelines.

Pexip for Microsoft

Pexip for Microsoft - dial into Microsoft Teams from standards-based video systems (SIP/H323 devices).

Pexip for Google Meet

Pexip for Google Meet - dial into Google Meet from standards-based video systems (SIP/H323 devices).


Pexip's endpoint subscriptions offer an infrastructure-as-a-service deployment option to manage your video endpoints.

Is your business ready for the hybrid workforce?

Pexip is ready to help your organization enter 'the future of work'. Make your hybrid workforce more successful through enhanced video collaboration.


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