Easy to use - easy to embrace.

Pexip Infinity is incredibly easy to use. In fact, most users won't even know it's there.

Joining Pexip meetings couldn't be easier.

If you receive a meeting invite with a link, simply click it and you will join the meeting from an Infinity Connect client. Or, if you are joining the meeting from an existing endpoint, simply enter the URI for the Pexip Virtual Meeting Room, and you are in. If you are used to using Skype for Business, or Lync, or have another soft client set as default - that works too.

The Pexip user experience

The Pexip user experience is slick and simple.

Simply join a Virtual Meeting Room with others, and the current speaker will be showing full frame. Other participants will be showing as a row of thumbnails along the bottom of the screen.

When the conference reaches more than eight participants, a simple indicator will tell you how many additional users are in. The roster will show everybody's name.

If your meeting room is set up as a Virtual Auditorium, three rows will show up to 21 thumbnails in addition to the large main speaker.

How to access the Pexip Virtual Meeting Room

Most users will continue to use the videoconferencing endpoints and software they already have.

No new tools or software, no new workflows or methods. Pexip Infinity connects all users regardless of what technology they are using into meetings of any size. It ensures people can collaborate across platforms, but without interfering with how they do it.

So if you and your team are using Microsoft Lync, that is what you will continue to use. And you can simply and easily drag and drop your contacts into your meetings without worrying about what number to use, or what system they are using.

You choose how to meet. And so does everyone else.

Everybody can present

Conferencing should be easy, and with Pexip Infinity, it is.

Everybody in a meeting can present. And everybody in a meeting can watch presentations locally on their own device. On their endpoint, in Lync, or even in a web browser. Presentations are shared to every connected participant. Even audio-only participants can view shared content - using the Pexip mobile conference management app.

The Pexip mobile conference management app

The Pexip mobile conference management app makes meeting management simple and easy. If you are the meeting host, you can manage participants from a device you are familiar with. Add users from your existing contact list, manually dial others in, or even mute and disconnect participants if needed. The Pexip mobile app makes the meeting easy to manage, but is not required for meetings to take place.

Pexip mobile app

The Pexip mobile conference management app enables participants to watch shared content on their mobile device, as well as perform basic conference management tasks.