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Share your screen from Microsoft Edge and Safari

Screen sharing in Edge and Safari

We’re happy to announce that we’ve just added support for sharing your screen in Microsoft Edge and Safari while using Pexip Service. There’s no need to install anything, but there are some slight differences between the two that you might want to know about.

Screen sharing in Edge and Safari

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge will behave just like Google Chrome when it comes to screen sharing. Share your entire screen, an app or just a tab. You’ll need to be on a version of Windows 10 released since April 30th 2018 to share your screen while in Microsoft Edge.


Safari is technically limited (by Apple) to only allow you to share your entire screen, which means when you press the screen sharing button it will share your entire screen immediately. You’ll need to be on Safari 13 or above (released with MacOS Mojave) to share your screen.

Content sharing in the Pexip Service is already supported for most major browsers. 


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Svenn-Petter Maehle
Svenn-Petter Maehle

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