Pexip featured at Google Cloud Next 2018

August 2, 2018

Pexip interoperability introduced at the main stage keynote presentation

At Google Cloud Next, the company’s largest annual conference for its partners and customers, Google Cloud talked about its visions for efficient and engaging workplaces. Over the course of three days, thousands and thousands of visitors heard about every aspect of what the company does.

Of course, for Pexip, the most exciting part was to hear Google speak about meetings, and how to conduct them more efficiently and engagingly. Following our June announcement of partnering with Google Cloud, we were excited to be present, and be mentioned as a key partner at both the main stage keynote presentation, as well as at its session concerning modern meetings.

At the keynote, Google VP of Engineering, G Suite, Garrick Toubassi, introduced Pexip to everyone. The Pexip segment starts at 51 minutes in:

And, at the session that speaks about the future of meetings, Rany Ng, Director of Product Management at Google, has this to say about interoperability, and the ability to work across technology barriers to enable collaboration (Pexip segment starts at 12 minutes 40 seconds in):

Several customers and large organizations are already using Pexip to enable interoperability between its Google Hangouts Meet and other video-capable systems. One that was mentioned in particular was Spotify, who uses Pexip to enable its video conferencing systems to seamlessly join Meet meetings:

Tom Banks;Digital Marketing Manager
Tom Banks
Digital Marketing Manager
Tom has a background in content marketing and digital marketing. Before joining Pexip he worked with a number of technology brands in Scandinavia, the UK, and the US, helping them to engage in better conversations with users. He loves solving the puzzle of how to communicate with users the benefits of technology in the most effective way. As someone with a special interest in communication and how people interact, Tom loves how cloud video gives creativity the opportunity to grow across geographical boundaries. Tom has lived in the US, the UK, and Norway, and holds an MA in Media and Cultural Politics from the University of East Anglia (UK). He also has an incurable weakness for bad puns.

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