Avaya endpoints now supported in the Pexip Service endpoint registration

Avaya endpoint devices

We are delighted to announce that we have extended our list of supported endpoint devices (Cisco, Poly, Huawei or Yealink) that can be registered to the Pexip Service to include Avaya endpoints. This will allow customers with Avaya endpoints to easily register their devices to the Pexip Service and take advantage of all that Pexip Meetings has to offer.

Registering your Avaya endpoints to the Pexip Service enables you to ensure your video hardware is future proof and allows your users to directly receive or make point-to-point calls to other video systems internally and externally, as well as join meetings from providers such as Pexip, Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Zoom and BlueJeans*, without the need to deploy any additional video conferencing infrastructure.

By registering your Avaya endpoints to the Pexip Service, you can:

  • Maximize the ROI of your video conference rooms 

  • Modernize your current video conference call control management 

  • Have access to an automated network management for optimal call quality with Pexip’s own network of Points of Presence (PoPs) distributed globally.

  • Have full firewall traversal.

  • Have an always up-to-date Corporate directory.

How to register your Avaya endpoints to the Pexip Service:

Before you can provision your Avaya endpoints to the Pexip Service, you need an endpoint subscription where your devices are included. Your account manager at your local certified Pexip Partner can help you with this, please contact your local partner today. If you need to initiate provisioning from the device, see the steps outlined here.

Here are the steps required to provision Avaya endpoints to the Pexip Service: Provisioning video endpoints | Pexip Service Help for Partners

*Additional interoperability licenses may be required. Read more here.


Michelle Behan Hansen;Product Marketing Manager
Michelle Behan Hansen
Product Marketing Manager
Michelle is responsible for product marketing at Pexip. She's worked in marketing in a variety of industries (aviation, fuel & retail, tech) for nearly two decades. Her passion is in Technology Marketing and being the link between product development and sales.

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