Join Teams meetings from Zoom Rooms. Zoom & Pexip partnership

Launch your video meetings directly from Mattermost

Join Pexip video meetings from any channel without leaving Mattermost. Join from any device and enjoy all Pexip video features.

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Switching between applications disrupts users' workflows.

Seamless Pexip video meetings accessed directly from Mattermost channels


Improve productivity and efficiency

Improve collaboration effectiveness by quickly moving from asynchronous communication to synchronized collaboration without opening another tab or window.


Reduce context switching

Focus on the task at hand by accessing Pexip’s audio, video, and screen sharing capabilities directly within Mattermost channels, no need to switch applications.


Better decision-making

Teams can make informed decisions more quickly and easily by having all the relevant information in one place.

How it works

Install the Pexip plugin on your Mattermost instance and configure it to point to your Pexip deployment.

Once enabled, users will be able to join a virtual meeting room that matches the channel they are in.

This will launch the Pexip web components directly in the Mattermost user interface or open a browser window or the Pexip client on the user device, depending on your preference.

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About Mattermost

Mattermost is a leader in secure collaboration for mission critical work in complex environments. The Mattermost platform enables enterprise, defense and governmental organizations to increase speed, efficiency and resilience in vital operations while meeting nation-state level security and compliance requirements. The company offers self-sovereign open source and enterprise products, as well as managed cloud services. For more information visit 

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