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Inpatient Virtual Care Platform

Addressing the unique requirements of virtual nursing and virtual sitting.


One virtual care platform. Numerous use cases.


Alleviate nurse burnout

Improve the well-being of staff and enhance patient care by reallocating bedside admin tasks to virtual RNs, who can engage with patients and their families virtually.


Enhance patient safety

Mitigate the risk of falls through continuous monitoring of multiple patients from a centralized location and deliver optimal care while maintaining a streamlined workflow.


Seamless integrations

Our platform integrates with CareView's in-room cameras, existing technology systems, and clinical workflows, empowering hospitals to implement their virtual care strategies effortlessly.

How it works

The CareView® platform is a game-changer in the world of virtual nursing and virtual sitting. Fueled by industry-leading technology and supported by purpose-built hardware, it is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of these crucial healthcare use cases.


Our platform comprises two essential components: the Patient Safety System® and the Patient Care System. These systems work in harmony to deliver unparalleled patient safety and exceptional virtual nursing care.


Our Patient Safety System is purposefully designed to optimize virtual sitting outcomes. Leveraging our patented predictive technology, including Virtual Bed Rails® and Virtual Chair Rails®, it ensures continuous monitoring of multiple patients from a centralized location. By utilizing these innovative tools, we enhance patient safety while reducing sitter costs across the nation.


The Patient Care System revolutionizes virtual nursing by harnessing our clinically-designed technology. By reallocating professional nursing and administrative tasks to Registered Nurses (RNs), it alleviates the bedside workload and enables virtual engagement with patients and their families. This transformational approach allows for personalized care and improved patient experiences.

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See CareView in action

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About CareView

For over a decade, CareView has been dedicated to supporting hospital care teams with its innovative virtual care solutions. The Company has established successful partnerships with over 200 hospitals nationwide, implementing effective inpatient virtual care strategies that greatly enhance patient safety and overcome critical staffing challenges. The CareView platform, fueled by industry-leading predictive technology and supported by its purpose-built hardware, specifically addresses the unique requirements of virtual nursing and virtual sitting use cases. The CareView team works closely with their hospital partners to understand their evolving needs and deliver tailored virtual care strategies that align with their objectives. By providing healthcare professionals with the tools they need to deliver exceptional care, CareView contributes to improved patient outcomes and a more sustainable healthcare ecosystem. Learn more at or follow CareView on LinkedIn.

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