Pexip to exhibit at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, the largest event for Microsoft partners, will be held in Toronto from 10-14 July.

As should be expected, Pexip will be present, occupying a 10x20ft booth in the Office 365 focus area.

The WPC brings more than 15,000 attendees and visitors from around the world for a week full of networking, learning, education and socializing.

Pexip To Introduce New Fusion Technology for Microsoft Skype for Business and Lync with Infinity 11

OSLO, Norway — Pexip®, a leading innovator in scalable, distributed collaboration software, today announced that the next version of its Infinity platform will introduce all new Pexip Fusion technology. Pexip Fusion greatly simplifies and enhances the user experience for Microsoft® Skype™ for Business or Lync® users when they join meetings that include standards-based SIP or H.323 videoconferencing users.

Pexip Fusion - a quick introduction

With Infinity 11, Pexip introduces Fusion, a technology that greatly enhances everyone’s user experience when Skype™ for Business or Lync® or users meet with legacy videoconferencing users.

Pexip Fusion ensures that every individual participant benefits from the client experience its manufacturer intended, no matter what their platform of choice is. Put simply, it makes video-based meetings across technology silos naturally intuitive for both Skype users and videoconferencing users.

Connecting with Microsoft's Surface Hub

Microsoft is about to release and ship its exciting Surface Hub product. According to the company's information, it will become generally available and commence shipping January 1st 2016.

Meet Pexip at Microsoft's Skype for Business Solutions Overview event

Microsoft, together with ConQuest Technology Services in Atlanta, will host their Skype For Business Solutions Overview at the Microsoft offices in Atlanta, GA.

Lync user days in Denmark

Denmark's Lync user group, a community that includes some of the largest and most influential companies in the country, will summon in Odense, Denmark, on November 11-12.

The group's objective is to ensure their member's best possible Return on Investment on their Lync, Skype for Business, and third party solution provider investments.

Experience Pexip at Microsoft's Sweden TechDays

Pexip Infinity is the industry's premier Microsoft-to-anything gateway and video bridging platform. Simply connect Skype for Business, Lync, Office365 and the coming Surface Hub to any other videoconferencing solution - and expand Microsoft's usability as you are doing it.

Now you can experience everything Pexip at Microsoft's own TechDays. First out is the event in Sweden, at Kistamässan in Stockholm. 

Where and when?

Where: Kistamässan Stockholm
When: Oct 21-22

Skype for Business and Lync clients behind strict firewalls

If you are behind a strict network firewall, and only the minimum ports are allowed for Business-to-Business Skype for Business and Lync communications, you may need to allow a few extra flows outbound.

Follow these to steps to ensure video works with your Skype for Business and Lync clients:

Modern Workplace Summit 2015 in Oslo

Last year's successful Lync Day becomes the Modern Workplace Summit - a fantastic stage for IT professionals and CxO's to meet and enjoy a fully packed program of internationally renowned speakers, Microsoft MVPs and industry professionals.

Microsoft's Skype for Business events see Pexip sponsorship

As Microsoft has released Skype for Business and having rebranded their enteprise Lync collaboration suite, enterprises are looking for ways to best utilize it.

In the enterprise communications sphere, there are still questions. Some are frequently overheard;