Scheduling integrations

Book a meeting - join simply

Although meetings happen more and more ad-hoc, enterprises still book meetings. Both physical meetings and virtual meetings.

Pexip works with a number of companies that optimize the booking, scheduling, and join experiences across platforms. Simply book at meeting using whatever calendar you like, and join with a single click when the meeting starts.


synergy sky logoAnalytics, Scheduling, Provisioning, Billing, Conference Management 

Synergy SKY delivers a feature-rich management platform for Videoconferencing and Unified Communication. The platform comes in two flavors; one for Enterprises and one for Services Providers, and is designed to ease the delivery of Videoconferencing and UC services by simplifying monitoring, analytics, mass provisioning, scheduling, billing and conference management. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices in USA, UK and Sweden.


eveoh logoScheduling, Calendar Integration, Education 

MyTimetable is the world’s leading platform for timetable publishing. With MyTimetable, H&FE institutions can publish personalised timetables via web and mobile phone. MyTimetable also integrates timetabling data with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps for Education. With MyTimetable, institutions can manage virtual lectures in Pexip Infinity from timetabling applications such as Scientia Syllabus Plus and Semestry TermTime.