Rethinking Telehealth for the New Reality

Hospitals and health systems scaled their telehealth services virtually overnight in response to the pandemic. Looking back, what challenges did they face and how did they overcome them? As you plan for the “next normal,” hear straight from healthcare organizations including St. Jude, Ontario Health, and McLeod Health about how they are using virtual visits, what’s changed in response to the pandemic, and tips for implementing a telehealth solution.

Join us to learn:
●  How the pandemic changed telehealth forever
●  How leading healthcare organizations are preparing for what’s next
●  Why virtual care is essential post-COVID, and how grants can fund your telehealth program

View the full agenda here.

Guest Presenters

Angie Stevens copy

Angie Stevens, Former Executive Director of Telehealth, Kaiser Permanente (LinkedIn)

Nina Antoniotti

Nina Antoniotti, Director of Interoperability & Patient Engagement, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (LinkedIn)

Scott Duggan

Scott Duggan, Manager, Engineering & Innovation, Ontario Telemedicine Network (LinkedIn)

Webb McCall

Webb Mccall, Senior IT Analyst for Telehealth, McLeod Health (LinkedIn)


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