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Reimaging Virtual Meetings with NVIDIA AI and Deep Learning Technology

The unique combination of server-side and NVIDIA GPU technologies can drastically improve the video conferencing experience for every meeting participant


In today's world of remote and hybrid work, video meetings are essential to keep everyone connected. Audio quality plays a big role in the overall meeting experience, and too much background noise means your voice cannot be heard.

Pexip is collaborating with NVIDIA to solve this challenge. We believe virtual meetings can be even better than meeting in-person, and we're exploring how advanced technologies like AI can create a more immersive video meeting experience for everyone, regardless of device.

Watch this video to see how background noise removal can create a better meeting experience for everyone:

HubSpot Video
“Combining NVIDIA’s advanced AI computing features with Pexip’s unique architecture will allow us to reimagine virtual meetings for richer, more human interactions. Pexip transcodes live media in real time during meetings to give each and every participant the best possible audio and video experience on whichever device they’re using. We look forward to exploring the further extension and application of our server-side transcoding technology with NVIDIA Maxine.”
Giles Chamberlin, CTO and co-founder, Pexip

This video demonstrates product functionality that is not yet available.

Concepts shown are under research at Pexip. To learn more, please click here.