Connects Lync and Skype for Business to everything

One of the greatest challenges in communications is that of integrating standards-based solutions with Microsoft® Skype® for Business and Surface Hub.

Pexip Infinity simply solves that.

Infinity transcodes high definition video and shared content between any version of Skype® for Business and Skype® for Business Online (Office 365), as well as Microsoft® Lync 2010, 2013 and legacy systems that use SIP, H.323, and web browsers using WebRTC or ORTC.

Pexip Infinity enables full interoperability between Microsoft® H.264 SVC/RTV/RDP and H.263, H.264, VP8/VP9 (WebRTC) and VbSS/BFCP/H.239 for truly seamless video and content sharing in any-to-any configurations, such as multiparty conferences.

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Pexip Infinity Fusion technology enusures that each user, regardless of client, benefits from his or her expected native client experience. That means that a Skype® for Business user will see standards-based participants in the meeting as if they were other Skype® users.

Pexip Infinity can be used as a direct gateway between any two users, regardless of device or technology. In fact, you can have as many gateways you want, and where and when needed. 

If you use Pexip Infinity Virtual Meeting Rooms, they show up in the Skype® contact list as available resources, with their own presence information.

Users simply join a meeting by starting a video call to the Virtual Meeting Room. You can customize avatars used for Infinity Virtual Meeting Rooms, so they will appear exactly as you want in users’ contact lists. 

As a gateway Pexip Infinity enables users to join an AV-MCU meeting from any system. This allows non-Microsoft® users with anything from web browsers to traditional group video conferencing systems to join a AV-MCU meetings just like any Skype® for Business user.

Video conferencing users can dial in to an existing Skype® meeting, and simply enter the Conference ID when prompted. They are automatically joined in the meeting like any other participant.

With Pexip Infinity Fusion technology, the experience is native for everyone, so Skype® for Business users will see a layout familiar to them, just as the video conferencing user will se a layout familiar to him.  Pexip Infinity's Virtual Auditorium as presented in Lync.

Layout options for Skype® for Business users

Skype® for Business traditionally presents meeting participants with its Gallery View, where participants are presented in like-sized pictures across the screen, with a row of thumbnails below.

Pexip Infinity offers layout options for Skype® for Business users, with looks more similar to those of traditional videoconferencing. Current speaker is presented as a large image. Previous speaker and other participants are presented as thumbnails. This provides full focus on the speaker or presenter.

There are several traditional Pexip Virtual Meeting Room layouts; one for standard meetings with a 1+7 configuration, and the Virtual Auditorium for large, one-to-many type meetings and lecture type conferences, that features speaker + up to 21 thumbnails, or even a 2+22 view. Virtual Meeting Rooms are set up with default layouts accordingly.

Skype® for Business for mobile devices

Pexip with Skype® for Business works just as well on a mobile device as it does on the desktop.

On the move? No problem. You can connect over 3G/4G/LTE, and still enjoy fully interoperable video conferencing through the Pexip on your mobile device.

Running Skype® for Business on a mobile device provides the same seamless experience. Here with a Pexip layout.