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Pexip for education

Video conferencing solutions for schools & universities.

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Video conferencing makes classroom walls invisible

Distance education programs utilizing video conferencing extend the reach of the traditional classroom. Colleges and universities are now increasingly using video to enhance the learning experience and engagement of students participating remotely.

By including video conferencing, educational institutions can access a wider pool of students and distribute their teaching staff across multiple campuses as well as online.

Video conferencing for education isn't just restricted to imparting knowledge alone; it also acts as a great admin tool for educational institutions.

Circulating administrative updates, holding an interactive parent-teacher meeting, and conducting training sessions for teaching and non-teaching staff without requiring the physical presence of the attendees, are some added advantages of the video conferencing solutions for the education industry.


Distance learning programs enhanced by the use of video communication

There are many reasons students choose distance learning: some are unable to travel to a school or university due to distance, disability, or other commitments; some cannot attend classes at traditional times; some already attend classes at one campus but want to access classes only offered at another campus; and some are temporarily unable to attend classes but want to continue their studies.


Modern learning solutions for today's digital world. 

With Pexip video conferencing, students can attend lectures and classrooms virtually, or “in-person” using their web browser on their mobile device or computer.

They can also connect with other students and teachers, either one-on-one or in groups. In addition, the platform supports streaming and recording, so students can catch up on-demand with missed classes.


Learn from anywhere.

Students are able to join a virtual classroom however they prefer. Choose to attend via our desktop or mobile apps, or through a web browser so there's no extra downloads or plugins required.



Customized Learning

Pexip offers customization options to tailor your virtual classrooms and auditoriums to match your organization's unique learning environment. Learn more



Integrate with existing tools

Pexip's APIs allow for your video collaboration to be tightly integrated with your existing education tools, to maintain current workflows and build new ones. 



Scale on-demand

Pexip solutions can be scaled on-demand to accommodate increases in capacity and extend your geographic reach.


Live streaming & recording

Stream video content directly from your virtual classroom to third-party platforms such as YouTube or Kaltura, to easily create live online events or on-demand video content for audiences of any size. Learn more


Better campus & admin communications

Use the same solution to better manage administrative and management communications across dispersed campuses or school district office locations.


Extend the Use of Your Existing Hardware

Pexip works with smart boards like the Google Jam Board and the Microsoft Surface Hub to help enhance demonstrations in real-time.

Dial video calls and join lectures effortlessly

Using existing email addresses as video addresses makes remembering video addresses a breeze for your students. SSO (single sign on) features allow your students and faculty to join video lessons using their existing school login credentials.

Unlock customization options

By hosting Pexip, you gain additional customization options for your institution including:

  • School or University logo watermark over video calls
  • Color palette to match school colors
  • Custom loading screens and animations
  • And other custom branding features

Learn more.  

Today, learning doesn't need to be confined to a classroom or lecture hall.

Maximize the student experience with virtual classrooms, hybrid classes, virtual auditoriums, and live streaming events.